NBA 2K17 MyCareer feat. Michael B Jordan Trailer Summary

A new NBA 2K17 MyCareer trailer, featuring Michael B Jordan, was released today.

As announced on Twitter by Ronnie2K, a new MyCareer trailer was released today, showcasing the relationship between your player and Justice, played by Michael B Jordan.


Here's what we found that may have slipped by you:

  • Just like last year with Frequency Vibrations, the nickname 'Prez' is extremely prominent in cutscenes this year.
  • It seems like your player can appear as a guest on a sporting program, as the trailer shows your player being interviewed on set.
  • The camera work during cutscenes is very different from 2K16, much resembling a camcorder. The camera shakes around and quickly swings to who is talking, much like in GTA 5.
  • The relationship between Justice and your player, better known as 'Orange Juice', featured very prominently in the trailer, showcasing how well they get along off the court, as well as playing together on the court.
  • Player customisation (Facial features, hairstyles) hasn't changed from last year.
  • It seems like many scenes will take place inside the barber shop.

Other than what has been mentioned above, the trailer seemed to focus on your player and Justice, as well as how your player handles the spotlight, with things such as endorsements and TV interviews taking up a lot of screen time.

 Another thing that may have slipped by you, Kenny Smith and Cece from 'Livin' Da' Dream' can be seen in the crowd next to the reporter in the post-game interview scene:


And of course, the trailer in full can be viewed below.

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