Analyzing Leaked Footage From NBA 2K17's MyCareer

Analyzing the recent leaked footage from NBA 2K17's MyCareer mode relating to the college portion, Blacktop, main menu, and the game's introduction.

For all the NBA 2K17 leaks that have dropped in the last couple of days, one leak may undoubtedly be the biggest bomb of them all.

Yesterday, on August 31st, a Twitch user, who goes by the name of "Xx_Kdot23_xX" leaked a tremendous amount of footage relating to the college portion of the MyCareer mode, as well as Blacktop, the main menu, and the game's introduction.

The user claims he has access to NBA 2K17 by way of a CD, not the downloaded version. Just like my previous article, in which I overanalyzed the NBA 2K's officially released "The Prelude" trailer, I will again try to draw conclusions based on the little gameplay.

First, let's get start with a couple of appetizers, which, in an of themselves, are exciting. Before all else, anyone who plays NBA 2K17 will have to watch the game's opening introduction screen.  Last year, it consisted of this weird cartoon in which a protagonist, presumably one's MyPlayer, battles against the game's cover athletes, Stephen Curry, Anthony Davis, James Harden, and Michael Jordan, in a Street Fighter like atmosphere, before cutting to a couple of shots of gameplay. It was kind of cool, but just like Spike Lee's storyline, it just felt out of place.

This year, NBA 2K17 is getting back to the basics with a new introduction featuring Kobe Bryant and Michael B. Jordan.

The opening highlights Bryant's illustrious career, from his 81 point game to his fourth and fifth championships, to the final game of his career.  It then cuts to a shot of a glowing "MC" in the center of a basketball court, standing for MyCareer.

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

Bryant and Jordan are talking to one another in a gym, although there is no sound.  This introduction isn't the first time the duo has worked together, as Bryan and Jordan were both in a commercial for Apple TV, titled "Father Time." With Bryant and Jordan, two of the best in their respective fields, front, and center, 2K is letting their community know from the get-go that they're not messing around after a muchly criticized NBA 2K16.

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

From there, we get a peak at the Main Menu, which, as everyone expected, is different from last year.  The main menu takes a minimalist approach, but, in my opinion, it is light years better than that of NBA 2K16 and even NBA 2K15, both of which tried to do too much, ultimately leading to confusion. It may be a bit bland for some, but this approach makes it easier to navigate through the screens.

This clip also gives us a glimpse into some player ratings.  Russell Westbrook is rated a 93, Karl-Anthony Towns is an 88, Andrew Wiggins is an 82, Damian Lillard is an 89, C.J. McCullum is an 83, Stephen Curry is a 94, Kevin Durant is a 93, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson are 90s, and John Wall is an 88. 

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

The final clips I want to go over before heading into the MyCareer portion are footage from the Blacktop game between Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and the hairstyles.  The Blacktop game stars Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, both of whom are wearing regular street clothes and not their actual NBA uniforms. The court design is different from that of last year, and there is a large crowd to witness the two NBA greats playing one another. In the hairstyles clip, we can take note of some of the new haircuts, such as the "Short Fade Taper," of which there are two varieties, as well as the "Undercut Long," the "Undercut Medium," and "Waves."

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage
Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

Now, it's time for the main entree, MyCareer.  If "The Prelude" trailer didn't get you excited for this game mode, these clips would have you rushing to your computer screen to order the game.

The first two clips I want to go through speak to NBA 2K17's ridiculous attention to detail.  The first clip shows off a man, presumed to be named Jason Richmond, sitting in a studio for his show, titled:24.  During this clip, he's talking to a camera, presumably about the collegiate season.  The show feels authentic, as the camera cuts between full body and close up shots of Richmond, who is using hand gestures and not just blankly speaking into a camera lens. 

The clip goes on for about 30 seconds before fading to black, an indication that the cutscenes will short and to the point compared to the annoyingly long cutscenes from NBA 2K16. 

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

The second clip is also mute, but the clip's visuals paint a clear picture.  This clip, which is 30 seconds just like the last, features one's MyPlayer, as well as an unknown older man, who may be either his coach or his dad.  This man takes two shots, one a free throw, and one a bank shot, but misses both.  The two talk in the "Lower Valley High School" gym, which looks similar to one of the gyms from last year's edition of the game.  

There will not be any high school gameplay this season, so this gym will most likely be utilized solely for this cutscene, or others of a similar variety.

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

Our next clip shows off the college schedule, as well as an introductory screen to the school of one's choice.  The Twitch user chose to attend UConn, and upon entering the screen, there is a message stating, "The college stage is where skills are honed, reputations made, and dreams fulfilled.  As an incoming freshman, you have a chance to lay a strong foundation for your basketball future. What you do here will shape the course of your career all the way into the pros. Good luck!"

The college schedule for UConn then appears on screen in the form of five banners.  

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

The first says "Midnight Mania," which takes place on October 9th, 2015, with the description, "In this fairy tale, the ball doesn't even begin until the stroke of midnight.  This is the first moment that a school is allowed to being practicing.  But make no mistake, it is a practice in name only.  Better give the fans a show to remember." Midnight Mania is most likely the clip that is from "The Prelude" cutscene in which ten players are standing in the center of the court, admiring their fans.

The second banner, titled "Home Sweet Home" takes place on November 4th, 2015, against the Kansas Jayhawks, with the description, "You've played for these fans before, but there is something different about tonight. There are no speeches and no confetti.  Just two teams fighting for one win.  This game counts."

The third banner, titled "Under the Bright Lights," takes place on January 12, 2016 against the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, with the description, "You've got a few games in the books now, but the stakes are a little higher in this one.  It's your first time playing on national TV, and the spotlight has never been brighter. Time to show the world what you're made of."

The fourth banner, titled "Is this the End?" takes place on April 2nd, 2016 against the Georgetown Hoyas, with the description, "You've won at every level you've played, but things are different tonight.  It's the National SemiFinals, with a shot at the title on the line.  And for the first time in your career, you're not sure if there will be a tomorrow."  The fifth banner's date, opponent, and significance is unknown.

2K is taking a step up from what they did with the college gameplay last year by adding some meaning to the games.

Although there are only five games, with Midnight Mania being a scrimmage, the games now seem more than just the typical "play good to impress the scouts."  2K has raised the stakes in these college games, and it's up to the player to show out.  What I'm most curious about is the covered banner.  Just based on the way the banners progress in a linear fashion, I believe that finally banner will be the National Championship game and can be unlocked by beating Georgetown in the SemiFinal.

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

To wrap everything up, we get a collection of footage from Midnight Madness, divided up into four different clips.  The first clip shows part of what we saw from "The Prelude" trailer, with the MyPlayer and Matt Walsh talking in the tunnel before running out onto the court.  

The dialogue is unclear, but it appears to be the same from the trailer.  There is also a shot of a couple of UConn Huskies in both dark blue and white uniforms in the tunnel, ready to head out onto the court with an eager student body awaiting them.

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

The next clip features an unknown player, who was in the tunnel, addressing the UConn student body, which is already full of energy.  The unknown player then points to the MyPlayer, who smiles and raises his hand up in the air to address the crowd.  Following this is a shot of the student body doing synchronized dances, which were also featured in the trailer.

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage
Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

The final clip that we get to see in this onslaught of news is gameplay from Midnight Madness.  It's hard to get a feel for the crowd noise, but the person controlling the MyPlayer makes a three after a series of dribble moves before changing the camera.

Source: NBA 2K17 Leaked Footage

NBA 2K17's prelude portion of the game, which is downloadable for both the Playstation 4 and the XBox 1, comes out next Friday, September 9th, 2016.  Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage once 2K releases The Prelude. 

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