Analysing NBA 2K17's 'Arena Authenticity' Trailer

The recently released 'Arena Authenticity' trailer showcases the new and improved arena atmosphere and sounds in NBA 2K17.

Over 16,000 miles travelled. More than 200 hours of NBA games recorded live. All 30 NBA teams. Authentic sounds from every NBA arena. 

These are the words we're greeted to at the start of the 'Arena Authenticity' trailer.

Some of you may be thinking "They devoted an entire 2-minute trailer to arena sounds?"

Yes, they absolutely did, and per all NBA 2K news over the past few weeks, we'll be analysing it scene by scene.

Improved net sounds


 We're first shown Damian Lillard and the Blazers going up against the Celtics. Lillard pulls up for three, and as the ball glides through the hoop, we hear the improved crisp swish of the net. We're then taken on a ride to Phoenix, where a small slideshow of their stadium is accompanied by an array of net sounds. This tells us that there will be some variety in the sounds the net will emit when the ball enters the basket.

Different court sounds


We're then shown a very small montage of players dribbling the ball on the home floors of the Nuggets, Jazz, Timberwolves, Bulls, Pacers and Cavaliers, with each team's court sounding slightly different in one way or another.

Authentic Crowds


The trailer then proceeds to show us small clips of a few team's fans cheering along some highlight plays. Most of the cheering after dunks seems a little louder than in 2K16, but other than that, nothing new has been added in that department. It also seems a few new chants have been added into the game, such as Toronto's fan base chanting "If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands", followed by two claps from the entire arena, which adds to the immersion.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like the crowd's movements have changed at all, they still seem glued to their seats throughout the trailer.

Team-Specific Details


The only new thing showcased in this portion of the trailer is the Hornet's new scoreboard and centrepiece. The rest of the portion is filled with PA announcer lines that already existed in 2K16.

Arena Specific Sounds


By 'Arena Specific Sounds', what they mean is the buzzer. For most teams, each buzzers sounds the same, except for Miami's one, which is a lot louder and deeper than the others. After showcasing the buzzers, we get to view a play where Durant of the Warriors hits a buzzer-beater, to which he celebrates, and the crowd jumps out of their seats with their hands up, celebrating as well, which is a good sign for improved crowd reactions (Hopefully).

 So that was the 'Arena Authenticity' trailer. Not a lot of interesting news of note, but at this stage, any news is good news. As always, check back here soon for more 2K news leading up to the release of 2K17!

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