The Milwaukee Bucks Need a Good Draft

In order to get a key piece, the Bucks need a good draft.



It seems incredibly far fetched right now, but a new banner could hang right beside that beautiful old 1971 banner in the rafters.  The Bucks need key pieces, and while they are making strides towards being a much better basketball team, the upcoming NBA Draft will be one of the most important dates in franchise history.

This Bucks squad is the same that defeated the then 24-0 Warriors, the Eastern Conference-dominating Cleveland Cavaliers, the Heat, Hawks, Celtics, and kept pace with top tier teams that made the playoffs.  This team for the 2016-17 season has the chance to be the best Bucks team on the court since the 2000 team that went to 7 games against the Philadelphia 76ers.  Oh, how times have changed.

To achieve a new level of basketball and to live up to the hype, the Bucks need to capitalize in this off-season in every way possible.  The NBA draft is the first major step. 

The Draft Lottery is set for May 17th in New York.  Barring any David Stern mishaps, the Bucks will be drafting #10, #36 and #38.  According to the Bleacher Report Mock Draft, Notre Dame's Demetrius Jackson (PG) would be a Milwaukee Buck.  I will save the in-depth analysis of all the picks I want in a separate piece.

The Bucks biggest need is a shooter.  This has been said so many times, but the FO clearly hasn't paid attention.  The trade deadline passed with no deals for the Bucks when deals were able to happen.  

However, if a good scoring C is available by the Bucks' pick, we should take him.  The Bucks have trade value in MCW and Greg Monroe, and some well worked out trades (NOT a Brandon Knight-esque trade) could result in shooter(s) to take the one 3 point shot wonder Bucks into a team that can play in the new NBA ruled by Curry and the laser shooters.  If the plan is to trade Monroe, a scoring C would be needed to replace him, as losing his offense would be a risk.

The Bucks have many major dates this summer.  The draft is June 23rd, and I know my eyes will be glued to the TV during our picks to see who the Bucks take to build up an up and coming playoff team.

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