The Bucks Win Over the Magic is More Significant Than You Think



 The Milwaukee Bucks defeated the Orlando Magic tonight 113-110 in a nail biter.  While it may seem like the young Bucks squad blew it, this late game win was a major learning experience for the inexperienced team.

First off, this win is a morale boost and establishes confidence.  For a team that has pulled off miracle upsets as well as losing streaks, a late win is huge to show the team that they can win basketball games, it just might take some work.  The Bucks don't have the ability to tank with such a young team, a topic I will explore in a later piece.

The win also gave the team vital experience on both ends of the floor.  The defense was forced to step up, and they did.  This is shown beautifully by the clutch charge taken by Khris Middleton. Greg Monroe also stepped up, poking the ball loose from Orlando's Nikola Vucevic, giving Milwaukee possession.

On the offensive end, Giannis gains another triple double, and Jabari and Middleton score 26 and 18 respectively.  Tyler Ennis had to sink 2 clutch free throws when the inbound play didn't go to the desired free throw shooter, Khris Middleton.  The Bucks also had to score late in the game, and Jabari parker hit the shot with 10.1 seconds left, which, for a young and inexperienced team, is a major confidence boost.

The win tonight might not help the team get a better draft pick, but late game wins will instill confidence and knowledge in this young Bucks team.


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