The Bucks Need to Make Up for the Draft

FA is right around the corner, and it's important Milwaukee does well here.



Put down your kool-aid for a second, and take off the new and incredibly dark Milwaukee Bucks sunglasses being sold at Summerfest.  It's time to admit something: The draft was a failure.

A disappointing 33-49 season littered with injuries and missed opportunities had only one upside, the NBA Draft.  The Bucks needed a shooter, and instead went with a 7'1" center who we don't know the age of, a guard from Virginia, and then traded away the other pick for cash.  If I was a teacher, my red pen would be out of ink with the amount of corrections I'd be making on this test paper.

Milwaukee has a chance to make up a bit for that miserable draft.  It comes in 12 hours from the time this article was written.  The Free Agency period is upon us, and this one is huge for Milwaukee in the same way the draft was.  The Bucks need some pieces to build a winning team.  They need, first and foremost, a consistent shooter.  This comes from the fact that the Milwaukee Bucks are dead last in the NBA in 3 point shooting.  There are games where the Bucks wouldn't make a single shot from behind the line.  With Mayo declining and Bayless most likely not starting, Middleton will be the only shooter that's reliable again. 

The Bucks also need a point guard.  Giannis can't be expected to defend a point guard.  It would be an awful mismatch due to the size differential.  One player I like is Mike Conley, but it's unknown if he wants to leave Memphis.  I also like Dellavedova for his defense.  One player I will lose it over in a bad way is Jeremy Lin.  He is a streak player, and when he is no longer on that streak, he disappears.  I have changed my mind on Dwight Howard, and would welcome him to Milwaukee.  My only issue with him is he reportedly wants near $31 million, where he will realistically be offered something in the mid to high $20 million range.  

I won't sit here and be an armchair GM and pick which specific players the Bucks should go for.  But it can't be denied that MCW has been a failure, Mayo is declining, the Bucks are horrible at 3 point shooting, and certain players just won't fit with the Bucks.  This free agent period is a very important one, and it's imperative that it doesn't become a failure like the draft.  

If the Bucks truly want to start "Owning the Future" it has to begin tomorrow.

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