The Bucks D-League Team Pursuit is Amazing, Here's Why:

The Bucks Want a D-League team near Milwaukee



While it may not seem like a big deal, the Bucks pursuit of a D-League team in Wisconsin is something I never thought I'd see happen as a resident in Wisconsin.

The Milwaukee Bucks are looking to get a D-League team within 2 hours of Milwaukee, and so far the city of Oshkosh is the destination.  Oshkosh officials are considering a proposal to the NBA, which would land a D-League team there.  This potential team would use a temporary arena for the first few years, then could move to a permanent building.  

Now, there are 2 things great about this.  Number one is that the Bucks would finally get a D-League team and could really take developing the future to the next level.  The team is one of eleven to not have a development team.  While I don't expect superstars to instantly spawn in Oshkosh (providing everything works out with the city), the fact that the Bucks can have players there to develop and get experience for would greatly benefit the team.  

The second is a bit more personal.  I don't live in Oshkosh, but I live in Wisconsin.  I love this state, and despite the unpredictable weather, I'd be happy to spend the rest of my life here.  To have the Bucks be secured in Milwaukee for the long term is great enough, but to get another team, albeit a D-League team, in my state is just surreal.  This proposal years ago wouldn't even be considered by any city.  Now, however, a D-League team looks very possible.  

The Bucks have reignited a love of basketball in Wisconsin.  Everywhere I go I see at least a few people in Bucks gear.  I can see the young kids wearing their over-sized "Milwaukee Basketball: caps and their small Antetokounmpo jerseys.  When others see me in my Bucks hoodie or jersey or cap, I get the nod, which 3 years ago would have been a "Why aren't you a Bulls fan?  The Bucks are dead."  

This probably is the biggest overreaction to a potential D-League team in history, but I'm sticking by it.  This is more than just a development team.  This is a major step in getting Wisconsin to love basketball again.

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