The Bucks are Officially Out of the Playoffs

With the Pacers win, the Bucks are out of the NBA playoffs.



Yes everyone, return your green kool-aid immediately, as the Milwaukee Bucks will not make the playoffs this season.

The news came last night as the Indiana Pacers won their 39th game, making the worst possible record needed for the playoffs 39-43.  This eliminates the Bucks, who at the moment are 30-44 and the best possible finish would be 38-44.  The New York Knicks are eliminated because of this, and it is likely the Orlando Magic will be as well.

While it pains me to say this, we are back to normal.  Even the most optimistic fan would say that this year the Bucks would be swept Round 1 by any playoff team in the East.  The Bucks are still experimenting with different rotations, and recently called up rookie Rashad Vaughn from the Canton Charge, showing that the coaches really don't have a solid lineup in mind.  

The East got noticeably better this season, and while it's obvious that either the Spurs or Warriors will win the NBA Title, the Bucks from the start lagged behind the rest of the conference.  Earlier in the season the Bucks were 13th in the East out of 15 teams.  They were only better than the Nets and 76ers, which if that's the bar set for us, we have a problem.  

It's abundantly clear that we need to work in the off-season.  The front office missed a great opportunity to get Ricky Rubio, who is undeniably better at poing guard than Michael Carter-Williams.  We need to draft smart, pick free agents wisely, develop our talent, the whole nine yards.  This team is young, but as Giannis and Jabari have shown, young players can be incredibly talented, but it takes time.  

The Bucks missed the playoffs this season.  At this point, we should try to finish strong, build confidence, and go to work in the off-season in every aspect.  We can and will own the future, but everyone needs to understand the last part of that: the future.

And we can always hope the Bulls don't make the playoffs and the Cavs lose round one.  You can take away the kool-aid, but the salt is here to stay.

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