The Case for Starting Matthew Dellavedova

The coaching staff of the Bucks needs to have a serious discussion about starting Matthew Dellavedova.

If you watch Milwaukee Bucks basketball, you will notice two things immediately: the Bucks can't shoot, and the Bucks do not have a decent point guard.  

However, those two issues can be resolved by starting newly signed Matthew Dellavedova.

I had to take time to make sense of this idea, but thinking about it more and more, it really makes sense.  To give a quick overview, there are the current point guards for the Bucks (besides Dellavedova): Michael Carter-Williams and Tyler Ennis.

One was a very talented rookie who has fallen off a cliff, and the other is an unproven youngster who sees garbage time.  With the addition of Dellavedova, the Bucks get much needed playoff experience, shooting, and defense.  

Matthew Dellavedova is 25 years old and is ready to hit the age players commonly hit their prime, 26-28 years old.  Giving him the minutes needed to develop his game in order to reach his prime will not only yield results for the Australian, but for the Bucks as well.  

While Dellavedova is a worse shooter from the field than both MCW and Ennis, he does put up 11.0 PPG, which is only .5 below MCW.  

Behind the 3 point line however, Dellavedova leaves the other candidates in the dust.  

His 41% shooting from downtown can be considered "lights out" when compared to a below average 33% from Ennis and a pitiful 27% from Carter-Williams.   Dellavedova also leads in assists at a respectable 6.5 APG, and is second in rebounding at 3.1 RPG.  The Aussie is also an absolute pest on defense, and is able to make players lose their temper.  With Giannis being unable to guard an NBA point guard, Delly fits right in.

Matthew also comes from the NBA champion Cavaliers, and in his three pro years has played in 2 NBA Finals and multiple playoff series.  His experience in high-pressure situations is something that the Bucks desperately need to be competitive in all games, no matter the situation.

The coaching staff of the Bucks needs to have a serious discussion about their point guards.  The MCW experiment has failed, and Coach Kidd needs to realize this and deal with it.  Tyler Ennis is simply not close to being a starter on any team in the NBA.  It becomes clear that Matthew Dellavedova must be named the starting point guard.  He brings experience, shooting, and defense to a team needing all three of those things.  

As the core known as MAP develops, it's key to allow Dellavedova to develop with them.

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