Panic Time: Rumor Suggests That the Bucks Might Trade Middleton

This is just a rumor, but a Middleton trade would be catastrophic.



That was the first emotion that rushed through my body when I saw a lovely tweet saying that there is a rumor that Milwaukee could trade Khris Middleton, the M in our MAP to the future, to Boston for the 3rd pick in the upcoming NBA Draft.  Since there is no word on the Bucks' 10th pick being involved, I am assuming that pick will stay.

With this assumption, the Bucks would have 2 top 10 picks in the draft at #3 and #10.  In theory this sounds great for Milwaukee.  The team would have two picks in the top 10 and 4 picks total.  So much young talent could be added and the team could improve over the years, eventually becoming a playoff team.

Now let's snap back into reality.

A trade involving any core players (Middleton, Giannis, and Jabari) would be catastrophic.  In many games this season, MAP has played beautifully together, showing signs of growing.  Middleton got selected to the 3 point contest, which with the exception of a few nice wins and performances from our team, was really a highlight of the season.  Middleton is a reliable scorer and right now the only competent and consistent 3 point shooter we have.  

You also have absolutely no idea how unproven college kids will play with the pros in the association.  Middleton is already a proven talent and to trade that away for a pick no matter how high is a major risk.  There is a very delicate core in Milwaukee, and if a pick was thrown into that core and was a bust, you're risking throwing away years of work, which brings me into the final point.

The core is MAP.  This has been obvious to anyone who watched a Bucks game this season.  The offense runs through MAP and works best when it does. The young heart of the team is still like a precious little child developing into a boy or girl.  The growth at a young age is so crucial that a major mistake can throw off the whole process.  In this instance, a mistake like mentioned above would ruin part of the core of the team.  It's so important with young players that the situation they're in is consistent and sufficient.  A change regardless of bust or no bust still runs a risk of messing up the growth of the Bucks' core.  

I don't think this trade goes through.  I think it's too ridiculous to trade a core player for a draft pick, especially when other teams are in talks with the Celtics.  I still have very little faith in this front office, so I won't be surprised if this trade goes through.  However I like to think that this would be worse than the Brandon Knight trade, so there is some hope that the front office can make a common sense decision and not pursue this trade.

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