Off-Season begins with exciting announcements from the Bucks

The Bucks made several announcements recently to kick off the off-season including the name of their D-League team, 50th Anniversary logo, and more.

With the NBA season officially over after the Warriors defeated the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals, it's time to look forward as the off-season begins.  The Bucks started quickly with some exciting news.

To start off, the Milwaukee Bucks organization announced the name of their new D-League team.  The Wisconsin Herd will begin to play in the 2017-18 season in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  The name "Wisconsin Herd" really emphasizes the desire the Bucks have for the whole state of Wisconsin to embrace the team as much as we do the Packers and Brewers.  Ever since Wes Edens and Marc Lasry became the owners, we've seen the Bucks begin to appeal to the entire state.  It started with a logo that features the state of Wisconsin with "BUCKS" written diagonally on it.  Now, a whole team is named for the state.  I love it, because it's about time my fellow Wisconsinites support our young Bucks as much as we do other teams.

The Bucks also displayed a new 50th Anniversary logo to celebrate 50 years of Milwaukee basketball.  Originally, gear was only being sold at the 3rd Annual Bucks Summer Block Party on June 10th.  50th Anniversary gear is now available to all fans on the team's website (I got my t-shirt in green).  While this may not seem like much, there was one announcement that was a surprise to many.  For one regular season game this upcoming season, the Milwaukee Bucks will return to the MECCA.  

The MECCA was the home of the Bucks for 20 seasons.  With the MECCA as their home, the Bucks made the playoffs 16 times.  They won 12 division titles as well as 2 conference championships.  Milwaukee also won the NBA Championship with the MECCA as their home in 1971.  If the Bucks make the Finals this year, I say they should play their home games in the MECCA.  The stadium seats only around 11,000 people, so we won't have to worry about any opposing fans. 

In all seriousness, returning to the MECCA is just plain awesome.  Not only does the MECCA have the best floor design in NBA history, but the history of the MECCA can be resurrected.  Many fans today see the Bucks as a young up-and-coming team at best.  The return to the MECCA allows older fans to relive the glory days, and offers a great opportunity for younger fans to learn about the history of the Milwaukee Bucks.  


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