Blast From the Past? Milwaukee Bucks Eyeing Ray Allen

The Bucks are looking to add Ray Allen, bringing back memories of greatness.

When you take a look back at the 21st century Milwaukee Bucks, there is not a lot to be proud of.  The 2000s consist of few playoff appearances, below average players, and all around sadness for die-hard Bucks fans.  

In an attempt to be positive, there have been some bright spots.  The hiring of Jason Kidd is immediately bringing us back to the playoffs, the development of MAP, the 2001 team making the ECF, and the occasional playoff appearance.  

However, the brightest spot of all came in the form of one player, who many consider being the best shooter of all time.  

He was part of the Big 3 in Boston, a member of the dominant Miami Heat, and has won multiple championships.  

His name is Ray Allen.

Ray Allen was drafted by the Milwaukee Bucks in 1996 and played seven seasons with the team.  He was then traded in 2003 to the Seattle Supersonics.  His contributions to Milwaukee were great.  His best season with the Bucks was 2002-03, where he averaged 22.5 PPG.  His 3 point percentage was a remarkable 43%.  He was on the 2001 team that made the Eastern Conference Finals, averaging 22.0 PPG that season.  

In true Bucks tradition, however, a good player was traded away, leaving the team in a repair mode.  Now, the Bucks have a chance to bring back Allen to the Cream City.

Allen has expressed interest in returning to the NBA, and the Bucks are reportedly interested in signing him.  

Ray's age is obviously a factor at 41 years old. However, it is very unlikely that Allen would be starting for Milwaukee.  He would come off the bench and likely play less than 25 minutes.  With that in mind it's safe to assume that for only the second time in his illustrious career, Allen would realistically average less than 10 PPG.  

So why bring him to Milwaukee?

There are three reasons that make this a good decision.  The first is that Ray Allen did not leave in free agency or ask to be traded.  He was traded by the Bucks to Seattle, so he could be loyal to Milwaukee, and not demand a large contract, as he knows he is 41 and has made enough money already.  

Another reason is his 3 point percentage.  Even in 2013-14 he was shooting 37.5% from 3 point land.  37% on a team that is the worst 3 point shooting team in the NBA is a huge improvement, and can add to an offense that desperately needs more consistent shooting.  

Finally, Ray Allen brings experience.  Allen was part of the Big 3 in Boston and on the LeBron James Miami Heat, winning multiple titles.  His general experience will rub off on MAP, allowing them to play smarter and more composed.  Should the Bucks make the playoffs, they go into battle armed with someone who has done it multiple times before.

In a roller coaster of an off-season, from a bad draft to promising free agents, bringing back the best Bucks player of this century would not only make the off-season seem better, but make this Bucks team better through consistent shooting and experience.

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