Milwaukee Bucks Extend GM John Hammond

The Bucks extended the GM through the 2017-18 season.



The Milwaukee Bucks have been writing checks recently, before the pure chaos of NBA free agency.  Recently the Bucks resigned coach Jason Kidd to a 3 year, $18 million deal.  Now, the Bucks have extended former NBA Executive of the Year winner John Hammond to be the GM in Milwaukee.  The extension goes through the 2017-18 NBA season.  After this, it is expected that Justin Zanik will take over as GM, and honestly having anyone besides Kidd choosing personnel is enough for me.

This extension begs the question: Is John Hammond a good GM?  

Certainly, Hammond has had his fair share of mistakes.  In general, the free agent market and trades have not been good to him.  He's had some trades that have had no impact whatsoever, and the same with some free agent signings in the past.  He has had some specific misses however.  In 2008 Hammond elected to draft Joe Alexander with the 8th overall pick.  He's overpaid some free agents like Mayo.  In 2015, he traded the 20117 1st round pick from the Clippers, as well as the 2nd round pick from them, for Grevis Vasquez, who was injured this season.  In the same year, he preferred Michael Carter-Williams over the Lakers 1st round pick.  To top it off, he made one of the worst trades possible.  He traded away Brandon Knight and in return obtained Michael Carter-Williams, Tyler Ennis, and Miles Plumlee.  

Hammond has had many high points in his time with Milwaukee as well.  In 2009, he drafted Brandon Jennings, who went on to score 55 points in his rookie year.  In 2010 Hammond won NBA Executive of the Year.  In 2013, Hammond took a risk and walked away with an incredible steal, drafting Giannis Anteokounmpo at #15, securing our first core player.  That same year, he traded Jennings for Brandon Knight and Khris Middleton, with Middleton being a key part of the core known as MAP.  In 2014, he took Jabari Parker with the 2nd pick in the draft, who would be the final piece in the MAP to the future. The same year, Hammond traded Carlos Delfino for Jared Dudley and the Clippers 1st round pick in the 2017 draft.  

Compared to most GMs, this is a good resume.  There are a few bruises, and some of them are bigger than others, but his assembling of MAP and fantastic drafting record, despite the Bucks not being awful enough to secure a #1 pick puts him at a spot where he's definitely earned an extension. Hopefully throughout this extension, not only can Hammond improve what has been a good tenure in Milwaukee, but also teach GM-in-waiting Justin Zanik the ropes so he can continue the string of at least above average front office work.  In due time, if this trend continues and builds upon itself, the front office work for the Bucks combined with the talent of the players can lead to a title for the Good Land. 

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