Milwaukee Bucks Deadline Recap: Roy Hibbert Era in Milwaukee Ends

The NBA Trade Deadline was relatively quiet for Milwaukee, as only one player was shipped off.

The Bucks certainly contributed to a lackluster NBA Trade Deadline.  With the exception of DeMarcus Cousins being traded after the All-Star Game, the normally chaotic final hours until the deadline were incredibly boring.  

There were very few rumors surrounding the Bucks.  The most notable was that the Bucks would go after Kings guard Darren Collison.  While not a major rumor, seeing it float around was interesting.  Collison averages 13.7 PPG and 4.2 APG making him a good option to start.  Sadly, nothing came of this.  Milwaukee has a promising player in Brogdon, but will be looking to get a better point guard either in the draft of free agency.

The Bucks did make a move as the deadline approached.  The mighty era of Roy Hibbert came to a close as the team sent him away to Denver in exchange for a draft pick.  Hibbert played exactly zero minutes scoring no points and grabbing no rebounds.  He will be dearly missed.  

Moving Hibbert doesn't come as a shock.  He would be a free agent this summer and would either retire or walk away in free agency.  GM John Hammond obviously knew this and decided to get something for him.  That "something" the Bucks got in return is pretty insignificant.

Milwaukee sent Hibbert to the Denver Nuggets in exchange for a draft pick.  Now you might be thinking "That's great!  We can draft some talent without getting rid of any of our talent."  Well, not exactly.  The draft pick is a 2019 top-55 protected pick.  This means that in the 2019 NBA Draft, if this pick is in the top 55 out of 60 total picks, the Nuggets keep it. 

If you think that's awful for Milwaukee, don't think that.  The Bucks front office is probably amazed they got anything for a 30-year-old injured big man.  Getting something, even if it is unlikely that the Bucks get to use this acquisition.  

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