Milwaukee Bucks Agree With Two Players on Day 1

The Bucks agreed with Delly and Teletovic



The Milwaukee Bucks heard the call and acted.  After a lackluster draft filled with questions and criticism, GM John Hammond and the rest of the front office are making an effort to make up for that draft, and so far it's satisfying.

Day 1 of Free Agency is often the most hectic, and comes with the most verbal agreements (signings cannot happen until July 7th.)  The Bucks realize that they need shooting, and they went out and got it.

The first agreement came fairly quickly, with PF Mirza Teletovic agreeing to a 3 year, $30 million deal.  Signing a 6'9" PF might be surprising and a bit worrying to some, but this almost guarantees that one of the Bucks big men will be moved this off-season.  Teletovic is a near 40% 3 point shooter, bringing much needed efficiency from beyond the arc to Milwaukee.  Mirza is someone who the Bucks were eyeing at the trade deadline this past season, but no moves were made.  In the end it seems to have worked out, and with a potential trade coming, the decision to not make a move could look genius depending on the results of said trade.

The second agreement has been highly speculated for weeks now, and finally the rumors came true.  The Bucks have an agreement with former Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova, a solid defending point guard who also shot near 40% from 3 point territory.  With the departure of Jerryd Bayless to the 76ers and a potential Michael Carter-Williams move, getting Delly for the price (a 4 year, $38.4 million deal) they did is a great move.  While less than $10 million a season, Cavaliers GM, coach, and player LeBron James has already made the decision to not match the Bucks offer.  LeGM tweeted a congratulations tweet that wished him the best in Milwaukee, so we don't have to fear a match from Cleveland.

The two signings are great.  While not superstar free agents, Teletovic and Delly can really add valuable skill to the Bucks squad.  Teletovic brings spacing and 3 point shooting.  This past season, Mirza made more 3's coming off the bench than Khris Middleton did throughout the year.  Matthew brings a defensive presence, and could very easily be left open as the defenses of the NBA will be trying to stop Point Giannis, Middleton, and Jabari with his incredible in-game dunks.  

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