Milwaukee Bucks 2017-18 Schedule Notes

The NBA released the complete schedule for the 17-18 season. Here's a look at the Bucks schedule.

The schedules for each of the 30 NBA teams were released on Monday.  The Bucks will look to take their game to the next level this year.  Here is a list of key information from the Milwaukee Bucks schedule:

  • The Bucks will play 18 national TV games.  Bucks twitter showed the split as 4 on TNT, 6 on ESPN, and 8 on NBA TV.
  • The season opener will be in Boston against the Celtics on October 18th.  
  • The home opener will be against the Cleveland Cavaliers on October 20th.  The game will be on ESPN.
  • Milwaukee will play 4 games against most of the Eastern Conference.  They will play only 3 against the Hawks, Nets, Raptors, and Heat.  
  • On MLK Day, the Bucks will travel to the nation's capital to take on the Wizards.  
  • Packers fans, don't worry.  The Bucks have only 2 Sunday afternoon home games, and those are on February 25th and March 25th.  You will not have to choose between Lambeau and the Bradley Center.
  • There are only 15 instances of back-to-backs, down from 18 last year.
  • The longest homestand of the season is 4 games long, and the longest road trip is 4 games long.  There are 2 instances of the road trip.
  • Preseason starts on October 2nd for Milwaukee, and they will play against Dallas, Indiana, Chicago, and Detroit.  

It's good to see that the NBA is reducing back-to-backs.  It's clear that those are extremely taxing on players, and hopefully one day we see instances of them in the single digits, if not eliminated at all.  The Bucks also have more national TV games this year.  Preseason is a month and a half away, and while there still a few uncertainties regarding the team's roster, I am very excited to see how this team improves this year.

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