Malcolm Brogdon is Making it Clear that he deserves Rookie of the Year

A stellar performance should wrap up the award for The President.

"Down to 4... Brogdon... does he have one more in him?  Malcolm BROGDON DOES!"

That was the call by Jim Paschke when Bucks rookie Malcolm Brogdon drained an impossible shot in Boston with 3.9 to go to put the Bucks up by 3.  This was his last action in a clutch 4th quarter, especially the last 2:35.  The President showed the NBA world that he is the Rookie of the Year.

Brogdon was the 36th pick in the NBA draft last year.  Milwaukee took him looking for some shooting help, but they certainly didn't expect what has been a stellar rookie season.  Brogdon averages 10.3 points per game along with 4.3 assists per game.  His main competition for Rookie of the Year, Dario Saric of the 76ers, averages more points with 12.9.  

Many fall in love with Dario because he's another big European stud, but the facts are the facts.  Brogdon leads rookies in assists, steals, and win shares. Brogdon is helping the team win games, where Dario puts up some good numbers that don't translate to wins.  He is in the top 3 in most advanced stats that analysts love to use, such as VORP and PER.  Bucks owner Alex Lasry pointed out that Milwaukee is 9-2 in clutch situations (when the game is under 5 minutes to go and no team leads by more than 5) since March 1st, when Brogdon began starting.  

When you watch the games the Bucks are in, Brogdon is great to watch.  He is a smart player who knows the game very well, he stays composed in tough situations, and he makes the plays he should.  He is valuable to the team, and that is something to consider when debating who should win Rookie of the Year.

The NBA doesn't need another Rookie of the Year from an insignificant team.  Malcolm Brogdon is clearly the best rookie in the NBA this season and has the biggest impact of any rookie.  The debate should be over.  The next Rookie of the Year should be The President, Malcolm Brogdon.

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