Khris Middleton Out Six Months With Torn Hamstring

As training camp and the preseason approach quickly, news straight out of a nightmare broke on Wednesday.  Milwaukee shooting guard Khris Middleton will be sidelined for 6 months due to a torn hamstring.

Like you, my thoughts were racing at 3 times the speed of sound when I first read the chilling headlines.  I immediately went to questions like "Who do we sign or trade for?", and "What does this team look like next week?"  The fact is that we will not know who the newest Buck will be, or who will be leaving this team.  What we do know is that the Bucks will be missing a critical piece of their core.

The Bucks finished last in three-point shooting last season, with Middleton being the only reliable shooter.  He even went to the 3 point contest at All-Star Weekend.  He was Milwaukee's leading scorer last season with an impressive 18.2 PPG.  Khris is an essential piece of the MAP core.  He is young, athletic, and the only player of the 3 that can consistently hit a 3 ball.  

Khris Middleton's injury is a torn hamstring he suffered in a workout on Tuesday.  He will be undergoing surgery and because of this, he will be out for 6 months, barring any setbacks.  I don't want to speculate on who the Bucks will be trading or who they will be getting, but it is expected that center Greg Monroe will be traded.  A report came out yesterday from theScore that the Bucks were trying more and more to trade Greg Monroe, which leads me to believe that they knew about the injury then.  

Of course, the mystery will be who becomes the newest member of the young, lanky Bucks squad.  One name that might be interesting is JR Smith.  He does not really have a contract right now, and can provide solid experience to the Bucks.  However, it really is pointless to speculate until we know for sure who is being shopped.  

Middleton being injured for 6 months is a nightmare situation, but as with all situations, there can be a silver lining.  We could find a player to add depth and experience to a team that desperately needs it.  We should not hit the panic button just yet.

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