Key takeaways from the Jon Horst introductory Press Conference

Owner Wes Edens and new GM Jon Horst had an introductory press conference Monday, here are some notes on it.

Jon Horst was introduced to the NBA as the new GM of the Milwaukee Bucks in a press conference Monday morning.  During the 30-minute press conference, Horst and owner Wes Edens talked about the next steps as well as future plans.

First, Wes Edens confirmed that Assistant GM Justin Zanik will no longer be a part of the staff in Milwaukee.  Since the hiring of Horst, reports were suggesting that Zanik would leave due to not being hired for the position of GM.  Edens also talked about the GM search and said that while interviewing candidates, Jason Kidd's status came up.  Throughout the season, Bucks fans were divided into two groups, those who wanted Kidd fired and those who wanted Kidd to stay.  Edens told the media Monday that Kidd's job security was never in any doubt.  Kidd has a contract to be the coach of the Bucks through the 2019-20 season.  

Wes Edens had the comment of the day when he talked about how he measures the team.  Edens said that he talks about results, not the process.  There's no doubt as to which team Wes Savage was referencing in his comment.  The Philadelphia 76ers have been talking about "trust the process" for years now, but so far have no results.  Even with the recent acquisition of the #1 pick in this year's NBA Draft, the team has at least a couple of years until they are a consistent playoff team.  The Bucks front office clearly doesn't want to see the team go from "Fear the Deer" to "Trust the Process."  They have their superstar, they have a core, now it's time to make the right moves to win a title.

That idea was echoed by Horst, who said continued to bring up the idea of the Bucks competing for a title.  He talked about how the team has a great young core, with 1 superstar (Giannis) and 2 ascending players (Jabari and Khris).  Jon also talked about Greg Monroe and Tony Snell, 2 players who could potentially become free agents this year.  Monroe has a player option worth near $18 million, and the Bucks can exercise their team option to keep Snell (worth around $4.5 million).  Both players showed up big time in the playoffs.  Monroe was a monster off the bench and Snell was a solid defender and hit shots when he needed.  Horst praised both players, indicating that he will do all he can to bring them back to Milwaukee.

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