Justin Zanik Needs to Be an Actual Assistant GM

Zanik needs to prove himself in Milwaukee

Source: bballhaven.com


The Milwaukee Bucks recently hired former Jazz assistant GM Justin Zanik last week, and he will take on the same job title.  In Utah he managed international scouting, contract negotiations, and other duties.  However, I'd like to see our new assistant GM be less of a side piece, and more of an actual assistant GM.

In the past I have been very critical of the Bucks front office, and will remain so until they prove they can be competent.  Politics has the outspoken Donald Trump criticizing many things, while websites with fan bloggers has me criticizing the Bucks front office.  We're both very vocal about our concerns and want to be the ones running things.  Sadly, the main difference is that I didn't get a small loan of a million dollars.

The way I see it, Justin Zanik needs to prove himself in two different ways.  The first step comes in 10 days, on the NBA Draft on June 23rd.  This draft is one of the most important in team history, and that's no hyperbole.  With the core of MAP that is developing, this draft needs to be done right.  If done right the Bucks can be a playoff team next season at a 6, 7, or 8 seed.  If done wrong, the Bucks need to step it up with transactions, and quickly.  Zanik needs to be an assistant to John Hammond, and get it through his head that the Bucks need a shooter desperately.  I'm hopeful that we will draft a shooter (maybe Korkmaz, who shot near 50% from the field in the U-19 World Championships), but with this front office I just don't know.  

Zanik also needs to not be a yes man when it comes to trades.  The trades made (or not made) by this front office have been plain awful.  The trade that sent Brandon Knight away was a bad idea to begin with.  While we did get Tyler Ennis and Miles Plumlee, two players who are developing and could be good off the bench in Milwaukee, we received Michael Carter-Williams, an experiment that has gone wrong beyond belief.  The MCW rant will be saved for a later piece because if I typed it now I wouldn't be done with this piece until Thursday.  The other problem is the Bucks made no trades on the trade deadline. They had opportunities, and failed to make a single move.  Zanik needs to be able to assert himself and tell Hammond and Kidd about good players that we can afford and fit on the Bucks, and help make the acquisition happen.  The same can be said for the free agent market, but that depends on who is there.  

Zanik may be just listed as "assistant GM", but his position here in Milwaukee will be incredibly important with a young, developing team.  He needs to be an actual assistant GM, not someone who just performs a few tasks, and not a yes man.  

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