Just Because Giannis Didn't Win Doesn't Mean He's Going Away

Giannis was 3rd in MIP voting, but that doesn't take away from an incredible season.

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Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Anteokounmpo didn't win the NBA's Most Improve Player award.  Now, in middle school, MIP was the "You weren't total garbage" award, and even in high school sports it's seen as an award no one really wants to win because it highlights that they were pretty not good a season ago.

However, in the NBA, MIP means something different.  MIP here means "Watch out, this guy will kill you next year."  For the top 3 and especially Giannis, this fact rings true.

Giannis Anteokounmpo has been talented, and there's no denying that.  He's been gifted a great body.  At 6'11" he won't get blocked like smaller players and at 222 pounds he won't pass out from running up and down the floor.  

This season he made strides in his game, becoming something more than "just a Bucks player."  Giannis dominated headlines during his Russel Westbrook-like tear he went on this season, posting multiple triple doubles in a couple weeks.  He was able to post his first one of his career in front of one of his role models, Kobe Bryant.  This play gave him some incredible nicknames too, like Magic Giannis, Magic Giannison, Point Giannis.  

His play went up dramatically from last year.  This year he averaged 16.9 PPG, a major improvement from an unimpressive 12.7 PPG last year.  He averaged 7.7 RPG instead of 6.7, and averaged 4.3 AST over 2.6.  Giannis went from a small forward and occasional power forward to a point guard who for a while seemed unstoppable.  He would have been with a better supporting cast.  The team needs to build around MAP: Middleton, Anteokounmpo and Parker.  Our bench can be helped by having Greg Monroe come off it to give a scoring boost.  

I think Giannis could have won MIP this year.  The top 3, CJ, Kemba, and Giannis were close in voting and in skill.  Next year, with Giannis as a dedicated PG, we might not be saying Most Improved Player.

We might be saying Giannis Anteokounmpo, the NBA's Most Valuable Player.

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