Greg Monroe, Tony Snell will come back to Milwaukee

If you were worried about the Bucks losing Greg Monroe or Tony Snell, don't be.  Both players will return to the team next season.  Greg Monroe exercised his near $18M player option, and Tony Snell signed a new 4 year/$46M contract.  

I'm happy that both players are coming back.  Greg Monroe was a force off the bench in the regular season, even more so in the playoffs. I do think that $18M may be a bit high, but not by much.  Monroe is a starter on some teams, and he knows that.  The hope now is that he sees this rising Bucks team and decides to go for wins rather than money.  He should not be used in a trade because he is too valuable to this team.  Unless there is an incredible offer for him, the idea of trading Moose should not be entertained.

Tony Snell's contract is also on the high side.  He will make more than $11M in 3 of the 4 years of his contract.  Snell is not a fantastic player, but he is a solid shooter and a great defender.  In the playoffs, Snell shot 51.6% from 3.  His defense contributed to DeMar's DeRozan 0 made field goals in Game 3 vs Toronto.  Even if the money is on the high side, I don't think this is a bad deal for Milwaukee.  I can only see Snell improving along with the core.  He's not part of that core, but he, like Greg Monroe, plays a vital role off the bench.

The Bucks do not have the space to make any blockbuster moves in free agency.  There is a very good young core here.  Antetokounmpo, Middleton, Parker, Brogdon, and Maker could develop into something the NBA has never seen before.  Jon Horst and the Bucks front office already know that those 5 are the future.  The next steps include acquiring talent that will be a help, and getting rid of players that will harm the team.  By signing Snell and having Monroe pick up his option, Milwaukee is beginning to take those steps.  

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