Giannis just shut down Adrian Wojnarowski

After the Gordon Hayward debacle in Utah, it only feels right for Bucks fans to worry about our superstar, Giannis Antetokounmpo, possibly ending up in a similar situation.  After all, the Bucks are another small market team not known for winning (especially recently) and are still a few pieces away from realistically contending for an NBA Championship.  Giannis has the skills and determination to be the best, so maybe we will end up saying goodbye to the most important Bucks player in recent memory.

It certainly seems that ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski bought into that thinking.  Woj, the former king of NBA Twitter (now overthrown by Shams Charania) reported that the "clock was ticking" for the possibility of Giannis leaving Milwaukee.  There's nothing wrong with this really, apart from the fact that the full quote sounded more like a guarantee and not just a hypothetical.  The report also said how Giannis was watching the Bucks front office over the last few months, inferring that Antetokounmpo could become frustrated with the FO and choose to leave the Bucks because of that.  I won't pretend to have the sources or information Woj and ESPN have, so it's entirely possible that Giannis (or his agent) was watching the questionable hiring of Jon Horst, along with other front office happenings.  I will say, however, that the Greek Freak does not strike me as someone who focuses too much on the business side of the NBA.  Giannis, as I stated before, is determined to be the best player in the NBA.  Everyone who knows him talks about his dedication to working on every aspect of his game. Sports Illustrated reported that he goes to the gym after every loss to work on things that went wrong in that loss.  I can't see Giannis thinking about the front office the way we see players like LeBron or even Gordon Hayward do.  He is focused on the game of basketball and that seems to be it.  

Word of this report clearly got to Giannis.  He sent out this tweet:

This is yet another display of the loyalty Giannis has shown in his young NBA career.  He has talked before about how he could play in Milwaukee for "20 years."  He also told CBS Sports that he doesn't care about big markets, saying that he likes a simple lifestyle. Obviously, this attitude could change.  Giannis is 22 years old and just got his first major contract, so it's possible that he may just be excited about being in the NBA and making all that money.  

I really doubt the clock is ticking on any move except a contract extension happening for Giannis Antetokounmpo.  Not only does he like the Bucks, but he has said he loves the city of Milwaukee.  Maybe he is just shocking every big-name reporter because he doesn't want to go to New York or LA or places like that.  We rarely see unselfish and humble athletes these days, especially in the NBA, so maybe this is the media's way of dealing with a rising star who won't give them the soundbite they want.  

Of course, it's possible that Giannis could leave.  Nothing is set in stone, and saying one thing or the other is guaranteed to happen is plain foolish.  However, I do know one thing for sure.  I trust the man who once said:

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