Do You See a Future in Milwaukee for Michael Carter-Williams? He Does.



Bucks point guard Michael Carter-Williams is someone I didn't think fit on the team at all.  While I still think the trade was a mistake, it's clear now that the problem wasn't just MCW.  It was the whole team.

MCW says that he sees a future for him in Milwaukee.  He agrees the Bucks have not lived up to expectations, even though some were overly optimistic.  However, he also says that Jabari Parker has been playing very well since the All Star Break, which anyone can see if they have watched the Bucks since that break.  

Before the All Star Break, with the exception of a few unexpected wins, the Bucks were awful.  At one point, they were 13th in the East.  Even though the Bucks are eliminated from the playoffs, they have been playing undeniably better since the break.  Many experiments have paid off, like the consistent scoring from Greg Monroe and the domination of Giannis Anteokounmpo at point guard.

So, let's try another experiment.  It may seem ridiculous since we effectively traded Brandon Knight for MCW, but it can work.  The Bucks bench is a major problem.  There are no real dominant scorers that come off it, so we tend to lose leads or fall further behind in games.  The Bucks could put both Greg Monroe and Michael Carter-Williams on the bench to start games, and play them partly with the starters and partly with the bench.  For instance, have them come in a couple minutes before the starters come out, and play them with the bench the rest of the time.  This way they can still play with the starters and help out a bench that has its fair share of problems.  

We don't need to trade anyone right now.  The NBA Draft is coming up and so is Free Agency.  While it would have been interesting to trade MCW for Ricky Rubio, we would run into the same problem as last season, trading a point guard away in the middle of the season, disrupting the development of players.

Michael Carter-Williams has a future here.  It may not be starting point guard playing 40 minutes per game, but him coming off the bench can be just as effective.

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