Derrick Rose meets with Bucks

Former MVP point guard Derrick Rose met with the Bucks on Monday.

Bucks fans woke up to a tweet from ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski saying that Derrick Rose would meet with the Bucks on Monday.  Rose met with coach Jason Kidd and other Bucks officials to discuss a possible move to the Cream City.

Rose, a former MVP, would be coming from the circus show that is the New York Knicks.  With the Knicks, Rose averaged 18.0 points and 4.4 assists per game.  While this was his best season statistically since 2012, it's clear that his previous injuries have hindered his development.  He was even injured this past season.  Rose is still a good player, but he does not fit the Bucks at all.

Derrick is a ball dominant point guard.  The ball has to be in his hands all the time for him to contribute to the team.  His assist numbers have plummeted since 2012, and the amount of shots he takes per game has jumped up to 14.3, the most since 2011.  The Bucks offense cannot run through Rose because it already runs through Giannis.  Giannis is the primary scorer for the Bucks, and his role as "the man" is a big reason why he has been ascending to stardom.  If Rose attempts to have the offense run through him, not only will that hurt the team as a whole (Rose cannot hit a jump shot to save his life, especially from 3) but it will stunt the growth of the Greek Freak.  His defense is also not great.  

You also cannot rely on Derrick Rose's health.  As much as you want to root for the guy to come back from his injuries, it's time to accept that simply will not happen.  Derrick Rose is nowhere near the player he was in his MVP season, and he will never get even close to that level again.   In the last 6 years (492 possible games) he has played in only 230 games (47%).  Rose has never played a full season, and while in some seasons that is because of normal rest, the fact is that Rose has not played more than 70 games since 2011.  To add to this, he decided to go AWOL in the middle of the season.  Rose had a family situation and decided to tell absolutely no one where and when he was going.  Joakim Noah had to confirm that Rose was okay after a game.  This is unlikely to happen again, but something like this sticks with a player no matter how unlikely a recurrence is.  

The Bucks cannot afford Rose, so they would have to make some trades to clear cap space.  If a deal is made we would likely see players like John Henson, Matthew Dellavedova, and Mirza Teletovic.  This would be the best thing to come out of a Rose to Milwaukee deal.  Greg Monroe's name has been thrown around, and as far as I'm concerned that would be a deal breaker.  Monroe will have to get a new contract, and it's possible that his next contract will pay less than his current one.  Monroe is too valuable to the Bucks to be used in a sign-and-trade.  Draft picks could also be involved in a trade.  If the Bucks were a top team in the Eastern Conference that would not be a problem, but they aren't right now.  Those draft picks (particularly 1st round picks) should be untouchable.

Rose has previously expressed interest in playing for the Bucks.  Normally I would be very happy that someone as well-known as Derrick Rose is even considering coming to Milwaukee, but when I asked for free agents this isn't what I had in mind.  I was asking for quality players that will help the team win, not a washed up player who is made of glass and performs his own disappearing acts.  The Bucks need to walk away from this deal.  This will destroy the future, not own it.  

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