Derrick Rose is Not Coming to Milwaukee

Over the past couple of weeks there have been rumors about former MVP Derrick Rose signing with the Bucks. Recent reports and the latest news on Kyrie Irving have put those rumors to bed.

Even if you haven't been paying attention to Milwaukee this off-season, it's been nearly impossible to avoid the rumors surrounding guard Derrick Rose and the Bucks.  These rumors were met with a whole host of reactions.  Some embraced the idea of another well-known NBA player picking the Cream City to play in.  Others only wanted him if he would accept less money and less of a role. Still, others tried to imagine situations where he would fit the Bucks, and others (myself included) put our foot down and said "hell no."

After weeks of not really knowing what would happen, we can now put the debate to bed.  Derrick Rose will not be coming to Milwaukee.

Sam Amick of USA Today reported that Rose has come up with his 3 choices.  They are the Los Angeles Lakers, the Chicago Bulls, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  While the Bucks are not going to be getting Derrick Rose, we can look at the two division rivals listed, the Bulls and the Cavaliers.

The Bulls are beginning their rebuild and would be bringing Rose to a team that will likely not contend for the playoffs.  The Bulls traded Jimmy Butler to Minnesota (Taj Gibson went to Minnesota in free agency) and lost Rajon Rondo to the Pelicans in free agency.  The Bulls are trending downward because of their rebuild, and adding Derrick Rose would not make them much better.  Rose has been plagued by injuries and is not the player he was.  Should Chicago sign him, it is unlikely the Bucks have to worry about the Bulls.

I was almost finished with this article and then I heard the news about Kyrie Irving requesting a trade out of Cleveland.  That changes my entire take on the subject.  With Kyrie demanding a trade and LeBron likely leaving in free agency, the Cavaliers will not be the Eastern Conference juggernaut they have been.  I firmly believe that the downfall of the Cavaliers is coming.  They will lose their 2 best players, they have a horrific salary cap situation, and many of their players have little to no trade value.  Derrick Rose will not solve those problems.  

The Bucks will not have to worry about Derrick Rose on their own team, and if things go as expected, it seems as though they won't have to worry about him with divisional rivals either.  

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