Derrick Rose could improve the Bucks

Derrick Rose is an awkward fit for the Bucks, but his skills actually suit some aspects of Milwaukee's game plan.

Many Bucks fans would be unhappy if Derrick Rose joined the team as a free agent, despite his obvious talent. Having two high-usage non-shooters sharing the court is basically a no-no in this age. Add Greg Monroe to that core and all of a sudden you've got as much space as a hoarder living in a one-bedroom apartment. 

But Rose has some qualities post-injury that make sense for Jason Kidd. Firstly, his ability to move the ball in transition is first-class. The Bucks were most effective in the playoffs against Toronto when they used their speed on the break. Rose is a massive upgrade over Malcolm Brogdon or Matthew Dellavedova in that sense. He's also still a high-level finisher at the basket, and with the way he draws in the defense it allows Greg Monroe more space to attack the offensive glass. 

The knock on Rose is not that he isn't a willing passer, it's more that he's a limited passer in terms of his court-vision. The reason why he was not a great fit with Kristaps Porzingis was due to the fact that Porzingis was often at the top of the arc when waiting for a Rose drive and kick. He's incapable of making that pass, but he showed time and time again that he could attack the rim and open up the corner three for Justin Holiday or Lance Thomas. 

Tony Snell could thrive from Rose's passing to the corner, as could Mirza Teletovic and potentially even Khris Middleton. 

The Knicks were often destroyed on defense when they Rose and Joakim Noah were attacked in the pick and roll. Noah prefers to stay back instead of hedging or switching. Kidd could minimize that with Thon Maker's ability to cover guards on the switch, while Monroe showed his best defensive efforts in the playoffs when he hedged high and trapped the ball handler. 

Plus, the Bucks have a ton of guards and wings who could take the best player on the defensive end while Rose covers the weaker assignment. 

Many fans are only in favor of Rose if he comes off the bench. That certainly makes sense, plus limiting his minutes would certainly be beneficial considering his injury history. We've seen Kidd put Monroe's ego in his place. At times it made Monroe's contract look awful and the relationship was frosty for stretches, but in the end, it's all worked out for the best. 

Rose is perhaps not as easy to relegate to a smaller role due to his ego. However, if there's any coach bold enough to do it, it's probably Kidd. 

The fit between Rose and the Bucks is not perfect, but if it's a short term risk, it's got some serious merit to it. 

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