Dellymania to Milwaukee?

A Fox Sports report suggests that Matthew Dellavedova is being offered big cash by the Bucks



"Dirty Delly."  "Dellymania."  "Scrappy Gym Rat."  Whatever name you assign him, Cavaliers guard Matthew Dellavedova always comes up in some way or another.  Whether it's defense or his passion, Delly is a name everyone recognizes, despite not being an NBA superstar.

One would argue and I would agree, that he is a superstar for his large Aussie following (being from the land down under himself), but no one can argue that he is not a top tier point guard in the Association at this point in his career.

Right now, Delly's stats say he has a lot to work on.  He averages just 7.5 PPG with 4.4 APG.  He does, however, shoot a decent 41% from the field, and 40% from 3, which seems exponentially better than current point guard Michael Carter-Williams.  Dellavedova does this in 24.6 minutes per game.  It should also be noted Delly is currently 25, and I think has yet to reach his prime.  

Why all the info on Matthew?  There was a report by Fox Sports Australia that suggested both the Milwaukee Bucks and Detroit Pistons are willing to offer Dellavedova upwards of $10 million in free agency.  Delly took a small $1.2 million extension from Cleveland to play this season, ultimately winning the NBA Finals.  

This begs the question: Would Delly fit in Milwaukee?

From a pure statistic standpoint, he doesn't offer fantastic offensive production, but when you actually watch him play, he comes into his own with his defense and his effort on the floor.  Effort doesn't always convert into points, but for a team as young as the Bucks, work ethic is huge.  It's partly why Hammond pulled the trigger and drafted Thon Maker.  Just as no one can deny Delly isn't an NBA superstar, no one can deny his incredible work ethic.  

If the Bucks can afford Delly and possibly another free agent (preferably a shooter), they should absolutely go for it.  The perfect scenario with Delly would be getting rid of Michael Carter-Williams or OJ Mayo and signing him to a deal he can't refuse.  Defense will be a need, since Giannis can't be realistically expected to effectively guard a point guard.  He can handle the ball on offense, but on defense he will struggle, and that's just a fact with every point forward.  Kevin Durant doesn't guard every point guard.  Neither does LeBron.  Delly might be the answer to that need.  

All in all, Dellymania in Milwaukee is absolutely something I can live with.  He's solid on the court, and perhaps taking on a larger role in Milwaukee near his prime years could really help him come into his own, which would only be good for the Bucks.  Off the court, you can't not love Delly.  The way he seems to have genuine fun with everyone he meets is something few players can copy.  

The stats are the numbers.  On the intangible side, I have nothing but positive things to say about Delly, and I truly hope the Bucks pursue him this summer.

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