Common Sense: Bucks Make Two Great Decisions

The Bucks made 2 great decisions.



Just yesterday I wrote about fears that the Milwaukee Bucks resident 3 point shooter could be traded for a draft pick.  Since that article went up, a report from ESPN's Marc Stein has said that the Bucks are not making Khris Middleton or Jabari Parker available for trade despite interest from teams.  This decision keeps the core MAP together, which is great news.

The young team, as I've said before, needs to stay as consistent and skillful as possible on all fronts so the fragile development of MAP isn't disturbed. The news that Middleton will not be available is music to my ears.  My faith in the front office is growing a little.

However, some other news broke yesterday that I didn't have time to write about, and it has me very excited.

Jason Kidd, or better known as "The best Bucks coach in years" agreed to and signed his new 3 year, $18 million extension on Tuesday.  While I wish it was for longer so we could be secure, the 3 years is more than fine with me, and really a deal to keep Kidd coaching the Bucks is sufficient.  There are some who this season called for Kidd to be fired, but keep in mind these are the same people that wanted Greg Monroe to be traded after the 1st quarter of the 1st game of this season.  

Kidd's talents as a coach have been proven multiple times throughout his time in the Cream City.  Last year, he took a 15-67 laughing stock and turned them into the 6th seed in the Eastern Conference, winning 2 games in the playoffs against the rival Chicago Bulls.  This season he was able to develop MAP into a well functioning core, and his work combined with Giannis' body and skill is something to marvel at.  Giannis has talent and the body to pull off incredible plays, but the decision by Coach Kidd to play Giannis at point guard is a work of genius.  The Greek Freak excelled at point guard, producing impressive numbers, and racking up a few triple doubles.  This might not have been possible if Kidd didn't roll the dice and play Giannis at PG on offense.

It's great to see that the Bucks are truly showing signs of investing in the future with the extension of Jason Kidd, and making players unavailable for trade shows they are dedicated to the MAP to our future.

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