Bucks Unveil New Uniforms

The Bucks unveiled their new uniforms on Thursday.

After the rain cleared up Thursday morning, the Milwaukee Bucks finally revealed their new Nike uniforms.  The uniform is pretty much the same as it was, with the biggest difference being the jersey patch.  There was significant speculation regarding which company would have its logo featured on the new uniforms.  

If you watched the live press conference before anything was said you had a good idea of who the partner would be.  The conference was held at the Harley-Davidson Museum, and the venue was decorated with the partnership logo, which looks similar to the NBA's "NBA x Mountain Dew" logo.  

After discussing the partnership between Harley-Davidson and the Milwaukee Bucks, the jerseys were uncovered.  The "Association" jersey (white) and the "Icon" jersey (green) were the only two jerseys shown, so there is still speculation on what the other jerseys will look like.  The uniforms are mostly unchanged.  The biggest difference is, obviously, the Harley-Davidson jersey patch.  

I like the jerseys and that opinion remains unchanged since very little was done to alter their design.  The patch looks a bit awkward since it is orange and black.  The spacing of "Milwaukee" on the Icon jersey is also awkward and too close together.  We'll see how the other jerseys look.

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