19 Years of Kobe Bryant vs the Milwaukee Bucks, 1 of Kobe Loving Giannis

Kobe is retiring, and we look back on 20 years of the Bucks vs Kobe's Lakers

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This year, the Lakers Bucks games were less than stellar, with the two teams under-performing.  The Bucks were just coming off the upset of the season, knocking off Golden State for the Warriors' first loss of the season.  However, the Bucks were a lowly 10-15 at that time.  The Lakers have been under-performing for years, to the point that it would be acceptable for Kobe to have his Farewell Chuckathon this season.

We look back to the better days of Kobe, where he would go off every game, not just a select few, although his 60 point performance vs the Utah Jazz was impressive and tear jerking as I saw the man who to this day I say is/was one of the best scorers in NBA history prove me right one last time.  We'll miss you, Kobe.

But back to the point.  Kobe in his hall of fame 20 year career played 32 games against the Bucks.  He started 29 of those games.  Kobe's averages are pretty impressive against us.  The Black Mamba averaged 24.5 PPG, 5.1 RPG, 4.8 APG, and 43.7% FG against the Bucks.  He has scored double digits in all but a couple of those games.  His career high vs the Bucks was 43 points on March 24,2006.  His highest scoring output at the Bradley Center was 39 points on December 16, 2009.  

Bucks coach Jason Kidd has said that he will miss the Mamba, and really if you consider yourself a fan of basketball at all, you will too.  Kobe is still the name us "older" folks will shout when we shoot the crumbled up paper ball into the trash can, and it's the name we shout when we hit a fadeaway jumper in a pick up game. (I wish I could shout "Kobe" more, but I'm more of a "stand in the corner and shoot the open 3 kind of player".)

What really brings a tear to my eye is looking at the future of basketball, primarily in Milwaukee, and the ability of Kobe to look at young players and commend them on their work so far and be optimistic for them for the future.  The old man is making sure his league will be taken care of.

This was shown in the last match up Kobe would play vs the Bucks.  Giannis dominated that game, posting his first ever triple double (27/12/10) in front of a player Giannis says he admires.  Kobe before the game when asked about Giannis said he was "unbelievable."  After the Freek's performance, Kobe pointed towards Giannis as he approached his role model.  Bryant said later that Giannis has the potential, the physical tools, and the intelligence.  He said that Giannis has to believe himself and go after it, and that he "can be a great player."  I don't know about you, but when one of the all time greats says that a young player from Greece could be a great player in the NBA, I get pretty excited, but not as much as I imagine Giannis was.  

Kobe, we love you.  No basketball fan, no matter the fandom, can deny the greatness and impact you've had on the game we all love.  You've shown us greatness in one of the best pro sports careers in history.  You've shown us one of the most dynamic and dominant scorers ever.  You've given us a name to shout in the office or on the blacktop.  You're job is done, and everyone can agree: it was a job well done.  

You may have scored a ton on us, and there may have been some anger then at our inability to stop you, but now only one thing remains: appreciation.

Thank you Kobe, for helping form the NBA as we know it today.  #MambaOut

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