Can Justise Winslow reach the Next Level?

Justise Winslow is coming off an injury-plagued season and is looking to make a big impact next season.

Justise Winslow has all the tools. He has height, athleticism, strength, good defense, good finishing, and the ability to play with and without the ball. But he can't shoot. That's the one thing holding the former Duke star from achieving NBA stardom. After winning a championship in college, the Miami Heat selected in the 2015 draft and made an immediate impact.

Winslow came into the NBA and made his mark on the defensive side of the ball, providing 2.7 defensive win shares. He had per game averages of 6.4 points, 5.2 rebounds and 0.9 steals in 28.6 minutes. Winslow was seen to be the next star for Miami after Dwyane Wade finally decides to hang it up. Wade was like a mentor for young Justise until Wade decided to sign with the Chicago Bulls during the summer of 2016. This meant that Winslow would now have to step up and become the man sooner than he thought. 15 games into his second season, he suffered a season-ending injury. Through those 15 games, Winslow averaged 10.9 points, 5.2 rebounds, 3.7 assists and 1.4 steals per game. He was starting to show signs that he was putting it all together (all stats courtesy of

This upcoming season, Miami will be getting Winslow back and this is his chance to become the player he wants to be during his career. Miami didn't have him during their super hot second half of the season and could have used Winslow's talents to take them over the hump and into the playoffs. Now Winslow comes back and can provide anything for the team. He has an Andre Iguodala type of feel for the game with his versatility, defensive ability, and size. They also had similar numbers during their rookie years. Miami could use his versatility as they didn't have much of any outside of James Johnson last season. Winslow would also need to improve his shooting as he is only a .258 percent shooter for his career from distance. Miami will definitely need more shooting now that Chris Bosh is gone.

Winslow has a chance to be a star, we just have to watch and see what he does next season.


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