Hassan Whiteside's Leap to Becoming An All-Star

A blueprint for Hassan Whiteside to become a star in this league.

Despite the Miami Heat just missing the playoffs last season, Hassan Whiteside had a fantastic season. He posted averaged of 17 points, 14.1 rebounds and 2.1 blocks as a full-time starter per basketball-reference. Whiteside posted these averages after signing a big four-year, 98 million-dollar contract during the summer of 2016. Whiteside has come a long way--from being a second round pick, to a G-League player, to playing overseas and then back to the NBA. Now, Whiteside has the chance to become a potential NBA all-star which is the next step in his career.

Whiteside feels he is getting overlooked as a possible All-Star and he should feel that way. The NBA All-Star game has become a game where the players are voted because of how popular they are amongst fans. These fans can be average ones who don't pay deep attention to the NBA and wouldn't even know who Hassan Whiteside is. But Whiteside is putting up all-star like numbers and has not even been considered for a reserve spot for the game.

So this is the list of things Whiteside would have to do in order to hopefully get the All-Star recognition he deserves. First he has to average 20 points per game which he should be able to. He's still growing as a player since he's only played big minutes in three NBA seasons and his offensive game is still coming along. He took 12.6 shots per game last season while making 7.0. He needs to demand the ball more and get up 15-20 shots. His rebounding and defense is already where it needs to be. Next, he needs to lead his team to a winning record around the All-Star break. Last season before the break, the Heat were 25-32 which left them 10th in the Eastern Conference. The Heat need to be over .500 for Whiteside to be considered an All-Star. Whiteside's chance of making that leap and the Heat having a winning record could get easier next season with the shifts of power between the conferences. It's hard to overlook the best player on a winning team when it comes to making him an all-star.

If Whiteside follows these steps, he should definitely be able to make the leap to All-Star level next season.

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