Indiana Pacers Trade Rumors: Looking to Stand Pat at the Deadline

The Pacers are not expected to be huge players at the deadline.

The trade deadline is less than 24hrs away, and the Pacers are in a unique position. Expected to be a bottom-dweller this season, the Pacers have exceeded many people's expectations: they're currently sitting with a 30-25 record; they have an all-star (and favorite to win the Most Improved Award) in Victor Oladipo; and they are currently only a game an a half behind the Wizards for the fourth seed. Yet despite their success so far this season, there is still PLENTY of room for them to improve. And with the trade deadline coming up, the front office has a chance to do just that. 

In an interview with Fox Sports Indiana, general manager Chad Buchanon hinted that there won't be any major roster shake-ups in the near future. 

"We’re in no hurry to change up anything with this team… It’d be great to get into the playoffs because I don’t think anybody anticipated us getting to where we’re at today, but we’re also not going to sacrifice long-term sustainability for a short-term run.”

“We realize where we’re at in the hierarchy of the NBA.There’s a lot of teams in our little area. We want something that can be sustainable for the next 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years. We want Victor to have a great run here with a lot of great teams. We’ve got to continue to methodically add to that core that we’re starting to build with him.”

Fans who wanted the Pacers to be active players before the deadline will surely be disappointed. But this is the right move for the franchise. Buchanon understands that the Pacers are not yet ready to compete for the Larry O'Brien trophy, so he will not mortgage their future this late into the season to add only a couple more wins. Keeping this roster intact will not only further help the development of their young talent (Turner, Sabonis, Oladipo, and even GR3, when he returns), it will also allow the front office to gauge the team's ceiling with the current roster construction. Then they'll have the chance to address any deficiencies they see during the offseason, setting themselves up for future playoff success.

Now, just because the Pacers aren't looking to initiate any trades doesn't mean teams won't come calling about some players. It was reported last week that the Nuggets were interested in acquiring Darren Collinson, but the Pacers quickly shut that down. Indiana, however, could get involved in a trade as a third team if the price is right. Other than that, don't expect to see a Woj Bomb involving the Pacers tomorrow. 

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