5 Questions the Indiana Pacers Need to Answer in 2017-18

The 2017-18 NBA season is nearly upon us. Let's take a look at some key questions facing the Indiana Pacers as we get set for tipoff on Wednesday night.

On Tuesday night, NBA fans can finally move past the frenetic 2017 offseason and enjoy the culmination of earth-shattering trades and promising draft picks as they take the court for the new season. The world will see how new superstar pairs and trios mesh and if any team can potentially take down the Golden State Warriors.

Throughout the first several weeks, teams will look to establish their identities for the new season. Before tipoff, what are some key questions facing the Indiana Pacers as they head into the new year? We'll tackle 5 topics today and look back at how Indiana addresses them as the season progresses.

1. Does Myles Turner make "the leap?"

This is without question the most important aspect of any subject involving the 2017-18 Indiana Pacers. Heading into his third season, center Myles Turner has been given the proverbial keys to the car as the franchise's star player. From year 1 to 2, Turner already exhibited a great deal of growth of the offensive side of the ball, adding a more consistent 3-point shot and becoming a very consistent finisher at the basket.

At times last season, Turner would find himself struggling to contribute to Indiana's scoring, particularly late in the season when he posted multiple single-digit scoring games. With no Paul George this year, Turner needs to establish himself as the main consistent scoring option for Indiana if the Pacers want to have any chance at playoff contention. Making Turner the focal point of the offense should provide him with a better opportunity to develop that consistency.

2. What should we expect from T.J. Leaf?

The Pacers selected Leaf from UCLA with the 18th overall pick in this past summer's draft. Leaf averaged a team-leading 16.3 points and 8.9 rebounds per game and was an honorable mention for the AP All-American team. Leaf projects as an athletic stretch-4 who has a reliable 3-point shot, and he's capable of handling 1 on 1 situations, as he demonstrated here: