The Warriors hive mind: Disciplined chaos

The Golden State Warriors' ingrained synergy has earned them a 2-0 lead in the NBA Finals, and there's no "switch" that can stop them.

When Golden State Warriors assistant coach Mike Brown started coaching alongside head coach Steve Kerr, he wondered why the Warriors didn’t run many plays before realizing, in Kerr’s words, It’s this balance between fun and work and discipline and craziness and order and chaos. And we’re constantly trying to find that balance.

In Game 2, Golden State seemed to find that balance somewhere between the discipline and chaos. From flying around on defense to pull 3’s several feet beyond the arc, the Warriors’ players thrive when there are decisions to be made — because they hardly have to make them. When difficult, split-second decisions become intuitive rotations, you become the best team in basketball. The Cleveland Cavaliers are learning that the hard way, and I don’t think is going to stymie that learning curve.

The Warriors’ intuitive hivemind is most apparent on defense, where they skirt from defender to defender as if neither Warrior has a defensive position. In contrast, often the Cavaliers’ players stand pat in their defensive positions unless necessary. In this clip, the Warriors and Cavaliers both run a basic pick-and-roll. The way each team defends the action couldn’t look more different.