Turnovers and Complacency will determine if the Warriors get the top seed in the West

There are two determinants for the Warriors to capture the first seed in the West. Those two factors are turnovers and complacency.

Turnovers and complacency have plagued the Warriors the past few years.

Currently, the Warriors are tied for 29th in the league in turnovers committed per game at 15.9.

They can get careless at various points in the game, throwing passes in tight creases where the opportunity is not there. 

Here in the video, Stephen Curry tries to drop a pass back to Zaza Pachulia, but Ricky Rubio cuts into the passing lane and steals it. This is one of the many examples the Warriors have had turning the ball over that should not happen because of the small opening.

Despite the turnovers, there are some turnovers where it's allowable. Some turnovers Golden State commits are "right idea, poor execution" turnovers. Say, for example of one of those turnovers is if Curry throws a pass ahead to Klay Thompson and he throws it over his head. This would be a turnover that coach Steve Kerr would be able to live with. It is the right idea to pass it ahead to Thompson, but throw it over his head.

Curry and Kevin Durant lead the team in turnovers, averaging 3.1 per game. This is not a category you wouldn't want your best players to lead the team in, but since, they handle the ball the most, it makes sense that they lead the team in this statistic. Draymond Green is right behind Curry and Durant in the turnover department at 2.8 turnovers per game. Thompson, who doesn't handle the ball as much, is fourth on the team in turnovers at 1.7 per game. Combined, they average 10.7 of the team's 15.9 turnovers.

Along with turnovers, complacency has become an issue for the Warriors.

It's natural for complacency to set in for a team that has gone to the NBA Finals three consecutive years. That's a lot of basketball played. Playing into June is exhausting with the number of minutes played and games played. 

The first half of this season has been sluggish, especially nearing the all-star break. Slow first quarters and mental defensive breakdowns have been noticeable, which could be linked to exhaustion and complacency.

However, the Warriors are the second seed in the West, behind the Houston Rockets. The complacency could disappear now that the Warriors don't have the best record in the league and it's the start of the second half of the season. If the complacency does disappear and the motivation comes back, Golden State could very well be the first seed in the West by season's end. 

These will be the two determinants if the Warriors are to capture the 1-seed in the West and possibly the best record in the league.

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