Golden State Warriors Trade Rumors: Cheap Roster Completing Deals

The trade deadline approaches and the Golden State Warriors are yet to make a move. However, there are some options open for the Warriors that can beef up their roster. Here are the latest rumors.

The trade deadline approaches and the Warriors have been possibly the most quiet during the current window.

As the Warriors Director of Player Personnel, Larry Harris has confirmed, the Warriors have not been making any moves.

“We’ll have phone calls. We’re not going to initiate any,” Harris told the East Bay Times, “But we’ll take phone calls if teams are interested, if they need us maybe in a three-way deal or they see something that can help us".

“With the loss of Zaza [Pachulia] and [David] West, we’ve had a chance to evaluate our guys up front”.

The Warriors have an opportunity to grab some cheap deals before the deadline closes to beef up their already star-studded roster.

Lou Williams (LA Lakers) for Shaun Livingston and a 2019 first round pick

Adding Lou Williams into the roster could be a great deal. The Lakers get even younger with a few first round picks whilst simultaneously absorbing Livingston’s seniority and expiring contract.

Golden State get a steal in Williams with a low salary and further cementing Championships in the next years.

Williams has the potential to fill tiny chinks in the Warriors armor.

The Warriors have a thin bench, particularly immediately with Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala getting older and less productive with each turn of season.

Williams is a scoring prowess and a relief for the big shooters in the starting roster. When the likes of Kevin Durant, Klay Thompson, and Steph Curry get tired, Williams can be sent on and hold up the offense.

He has the ability to create his own shots off isolation, he’s an instant offense and spaces extremely well.

The Warriors bench best scorers are Iguodala, Livingston and Ian Clark who combine for 18.1 PPG. Williams scores 18.6 PPG on a better three-point percentage than any other Warrior in reserve in under 25 minutes per game, less court time than Iguodala is currently seeing.

Cheap and instantly effective, Williams could be the bencher the Warriors are looking for the take heat off the starters.

Kyle O’Quinn (New York Knicks) for Zaza Pachulia and a 2019 first round pick

There’s no doubt about it, the Warriors need an effective Centre, particularly with Pachulia out.

The Warriors could come up against the Pelicans in Round One of the Playoffs and will need a good center, particularly with the new trade of DeMarcus Cousins.
O’Quinn could provide the answer. He’s a sneakily incredible center, and a much better defensive center in the league.

O’Quinn is the only player to hold 40 games and defend at least on field goal attempt within six feet of the rim per game. He holds opponents to a lower percentage differential compared to their typical scoring with only Roy Hibbert holding a better percentage.

If all that wasn’t enough, O’Quinn holds players he defends near-paint shooting 13.7% worse than their usual.

O’Quinn is the perfect shot blocking, rim protecting center the Warriors are missing and now desperately needing.

P.J. Tucker (Phoenix Suns) for Shaun Livingston and 2019 first round pick

Another chink in the Warrior armor is a big wing defender to stop opposing teams top scorers.

Tucker could provide just that.

He’s averaging just 7.0 PPG and isn't an offensive threat, but he’s one of the most underrated lockdown defenders in the league. He could be integral in the Warriors Playoff battles.

Zach Buckley of the Bleacher Report thought this could be a good trade given the Warriors knack for finding cheap and incredible defenders.

“Even though the league perhaps values this players type now more than ever, Golden State has made a habit of finding off-the-radar versatile defenders,” Buckley wrote, “From Kent Bazemore to Justin Holiday to Brandon Rush, the Warriors have filled this void without breaking the bank before.”

The trade could come cheaply and inoffensively during the deadline swaps. Dan Favale, another writer at the Bleacher Report wrote that this deal definitely get done.

“As an expiring contract on the wrong side of 30, Tucker won’t net the Suns anything or anyone more,” Favale wrote, “His value will only go down as the trade deadline approaches and the window of opportunity for his next team to evaluate narrows”.

It’s a good deal that would benefit the Suns as they’ll be gaining good value for the aging forward and the Warriors will fill a hole that could win them the Championship.

The common themes of the Warriors chinks are consistently defense, powerful wingers and a shooter relaxer for the starting roster.

These cheap deals could provide that for the franchise and all but confirm rings on fingers.

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