Golden State Warriors Preseason Review

The Golden State Warriors wrapped up an up-and-down preseason with a 117-106 win against the Sacramento Kings.

The Golden State Warriors were clearly riding high entering the preseason. After their second title in three years and first with Kevin Durant in the fold, the Warriors are back with a vengeance--just ask Draymond Green. 

While the team could be forgiven for not storming through the preseason, their x-x record is still somewhat disappointing. There were certainly some high points for the team, and those high points should carry over more than their lackadaisical effort in their preseason losses.

September 30th, 2017: Denver Nuggets 108, Golden State Warriors 102

This game was not as close as the final score would indicate--the Nuggets had a comfortable lead before both benches hit the floor in the fourth quarter. The Warriors might have been thrown off by starting the preseason in September, but this game was not even close to their best effort. Their Offensive Rating of 100.6 would stand out as problematic against any team, but especially against last year's 29th-ranked defense.

Other than Klay Thompson, Golden State's key players all had poor performances. Steph Curry went 3-12, Andre Iguodala went 1-7, and Draymond Green went 2-9. The team shot a ghastly 4-33 from deep, including 0-5 marks from Green and Kevin Durant.

On the other end, Paul Millsap started off his Nuggets career on a high note. He scored 22 points on just 11 shots and added 11 rebounds and excellent defense. Denver's defense might have finished last year as the second-worst in the league, but Millsap should improve that mark for Denver in 2017-18.

October 5th, 2017: Minnesota Timberwolves 111, Golden State Warriors 97

While the Warriors' offense put up fewer points with a lower Offensive Rating than they did against Denver, this game was actually more encouraging for Golden State. The starters all shot 50% or better from the floor, and the poor overall offense was dragged down by an abysmal 14-point fourth quarter with the deep bench players and training camp invites running the show.

This game was marred by Nick Young's poor performance--a continuation of quite a few negative storylines surrounding Swaggy P so far this season. He reportedly (and visibly) showed up to training camp out of shape. His shot has been erratic so far, and this game was troubling, to say the least--Young went 1-5 from deep and missed all five of his free throws. Given the strong performance by Omri Casspi and the Warriors' depth on the wing, Nick Young might play far fewer minutes this year than the team would have hoped.

October 8th, 2017: Golden State Warriors 142, Minnesota Timberwolves 110

It is easy to draw far stronger conclusions from preseason games than what is actually accurate for the teams in question. The Golden State Warriors proved that pretty definitely in this game, as they absolutely demolished the Timberwolves in Shanghai after their disappointing loss in Shenzhen.

The Timberwolves actually led for most of the first half, and it looked like they could sweep the Warriors. Then Steph Curry happened: