Golden State Warriors on Cruise Control

With the new schedule out, the Warriors seem set to cruise through until December, or even perhaps March. Some games are intriguing along the way, though.

The much anticipated NBA schedule has been released with everyone’s eyes on the Golden State Warriors agenda.

Taking notes from last season, Golden State didn’t lose their first game until they faced the Milwaukee Bucks on Dec. 12. That’s a whole 24 games.

Looking at the new schedule, the Warriors can cruise until Christmas when they face the Cavaliers, but the Dubs have a few exciting games ahead.

Opening night on 25. Oct. will be mandatory viewing against the San Antonio Spurs. It’s the clash we never got to see in the 2016 playoffs between 73 and 67 win teams. This matchup is the only visit the Spurs make to The Oracle, and they don’t meet again until March.

On November 3. the Dubs host the Oklahoma City Thunder in just the second week of regular season. The NBA have seemingly been kind to Kevin Durant giving him an early home match against his old teammates.

Old railroaded teammates, Andrew Bogut and Harrison Barnes, will provide entertainment on 9. Nov. when Golden State face the Dallas Mavericks. There’ll be beef between Kevin Durant and the two that made way for his cap space, and it’ll be incredible to watch.

The Warriors then travel to Boston on 18. Nov. to play the Celtics. Boston was one of 9 teams to defeat the formidable Warriors and with Celtic Jae Crowder fired up; the clash could cause an electrifying upset.

Eight days later sees the Dubs take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. This isn’t one of the most prestigious games, but the Timberwolves have a plethora of young talent, lead by Karl-Anthony Towns who gave the Warriors trouble in their shock loss last season.

In the holiday season, Golden State travel to Detroit (23. Dec.) to wrestle with the Pistons. The game will have some spunk, given Durant’s “you know, who cares about Detroit?” comments. Coincidentally, it’s also the Warriors first game at The Palace.

The Christmas showdown sees Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers. Self-explanatory, the game is the NBA finals replay. Besides being the Dubs toughest matchup and rivalry, it’ll be intriguing to watch KD versus LeBron in possibly the best forward matchup in the regular season.

Back in the land of Westbrook, the Thunder host the Dubs in another awkward and challenging match. With the home crowd behind them, can the Thunder take down KD and upset the Warriors? It’ll be an unmissable game, that will be savoured for a long time.

March is a tough slog for Golden State. 

They have a challenging ten game stretch between 23. Feb. and 11. Mar. with seven being on the road. The team has a challenging back to back with Dallas following Oklahoma City.

Looking at the schedule, the Warriors can afford to take it easy until December, even perhaps March. There are a few fantastic matchups that will push the Dubs, but they have the skill to neutralise these, or only drop a few matches.

It’ll be another strong regular season from the Warriors. Expect to see a few challenges, but also expect the Dubs to move through them fairly easily. 

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