Golden State Warriors GM talks Free Agency

Free agency will become a major concern and top priority for the Golden State Warriors come the offseason.

General Manager, Bob Myers admits there will be proactive action during the free agency phase.

The list of free agents on the Warriors roster is extensive.  

“We’ve got ten free agents; there are a lot of balls to juggle in the offseason,” Myers told the Warriors Insider Podcast. “That’s good, though, because I think we’ve developed a culture where players want to stay.”

The franchise will be holding onto that hope as Ian Clark, JaVale McGee, Zaza Pachulia and David Myers all fall into the free agency category.

Kevin Durant can opt out this coming summer as per contract agreement.

Veterans Stephen Curry, Andre Iguodala, and Shaun Livingston complete the list and are primary goals for Myers.

“For the record: We would love to have Steph Curry going forward. Hopefully, he feels the same way,” he said.

Curry is likely to stay; however, Iguodala and Livingston are problematic.

Both are keys in the Warriors bench, neither are starters, and both are entering their 14th season.

“We’d love to keep them, and I’ve told them that. We’d like to try to make it work,” Myers said. “We have to approach it with what’s in our control, and that’s trying to find a way to keep them on the team.”

Both Iguodala and Livingston have nuances coupled with undoubtable knowledge of the franchise that's hard to replace.

Myers is confident in the allure of prestige that comes with the Warriors franchise.

“This community, the diversity, the opportunity, the entrepreneurship, it’s a great place to sell to a player. But they really want to win. And I think we’ve shown we can win. So, hopefully, that gives us at least a good shot at keeping guys and then acquiring guys.” 

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