Golden State Warriors Drop Season Opener to Houston Rockets

The Golden State Warriors lost their season opener to the Houston Rockets, and are now 0-2 in season openers with Kevin Durant in the fold. However, this loss was far closer and ultimately swung on some interesting and unexpected factors.

The Golden State Warriors suffered a blowout in their season opener last year against the San Antonio Spurs. While the Warriors managed to keep this game close, they nonetheless lost yet another season opener this year.

Golden State's 122-121 loss to the Houston Rockets may not end up meaning much by the end of the season. However, the loss also showed an unexpected vulnerability. While it is dangerous to draw strong conclusions from the first game of the season, the Rockets showed why they may end up being Golden State's biggest rival in the coming season. Here are some important notes from the first Warriors game of the 2017-18 season.

Nick Young, Man on Fire

Nick Young looked to be a potential concern during training camp and the preseason. He showed up to Media Day clearly out of shape and struggled to even hit his free throws during the preseason. Warriors fans could be forgiven for worrying about whether or not Young could be effective as a complementary player.

Young may still end up being a problem player this season, but he was just the opposite in the season opener. Swaggy P showed just how lethal he can be as a spot-up shooter around the rest of the team's powerhouse offense: