Durant's dagger wasn't spontaneous, it was there all game

Kevin Durant's dagger wasn't the only shot of it's kind in Game 3. There were many more, and the Cavaliers were giving them up all game.

With around 50 seconds left in regulation, Kevin Durant pulled up on LeBron James and drilled a dagger 3, a shot you’ve read about a thousand times. There was still a handful of ticks on the clock left, but it didn’t matter. The Golden State Warriors went up 3-0 on the Cleveland Cavaliers in the best-of-seven NBA Finals.

That shot that Durant made put a stamp on the game, but it wasn’t even the first time he had taken that shot in Game 3. Just past the 10-minute mark in the third quarter, Durant attempted the same shot, a pull-up 3 on James in transition. Miss.

“All I was looking at was the bottom of the net, and I seen that he was planting his heels behind the 3-point line, and I been working on that shot my whole life.”

When Durant made that shot — where James had his heels planted behind the 3-point line — it not only put the game away, it marked that last of 11 times the Cavs gave up a transition 3-pointer in Game 3.

It’s no secret that, outside of James, the Cavs don’t exactly have any formidable perimeter defenders, but losing marksmen like Klay Thompson, Stephen Curry, and Durant in transition is a cardinal sin. But those things are obvious.