NBA Weekly: Magic offensive juggernaut? The Cavs' Defense, PorzinGod, Ottoooooo

2 Weeks have passed, and we have more takeaways, and we're still in SMALL. SAMPLE. SIZE. SEASON.

Another week has gone by in the NBA season, and just as we expected. The Pistons and Magic are tied with the Celtics atop the Eastern Conference and The Grizzlies are first in the West #SmallSampleSize.

Let's see what has happened to this point.

The Orlando Magic...actually sorry... *ahem* THE OFFENSIVE JUGGERNAUT ORLANDO MAGIC

Ever since Dwight Howard was traded way back when, I can't remember the last time I put other teams to the side to watch the Orlando Magic. Usually, they were on the lower end of my "games I'll watch on replay later" list.

So far this year, the Magic have played a fun brand of basketball, and on top of that, they have some of its young talented players playing in the right positions for their skill-set to grow.

The Magic are 5-2 with impressive wins over the Cavs, and a complete dismantling of the Spurs and they have done so with fun OFFENSIVE basketball posting the 2nd best offensive rating (110.9 points per 100 possessions) and the 2nd best Assist-to-turnover ratio (1.65). They are also fourth in three-pointers made (12.7) and lead the NBA in three-point percentage (44.1% !!!!). There are legitimate questions as to whether or not this is sustainable. Aaron Gordon, who is beginning the year starting at his natural power forward position, is shooting a ridiculous 59% from three on 4.4 attempts. The three-point shot --along with not being forced to play small forward like last year-- has always been one of the main keys to tapping into his potential, but 59% from three for a career 30% three point shooter is not sustainable.

The Magic have 2 players (Gordon, and Evan Fournier) shooting over 55% from three, and Nikola Vucevic is shooting 40.6% from deep. The shooting will cool off but at least head coach Frank Vogel has moved towards a modern offense. Rookie Jonathan Issac has shown flashes as a defensive monster with his length, quickness, and athleticism for a 6'10 rangy power forward. The Magic are fun and have fun players playing well!


With the departure of Carmelo Anthony the keys to the Knicks were handed down to Kristaps Porzingis, and he has run away with the opportunity. 

Porzingis to this point has averaged 29.3 points per game, 8.3 rebounds per game while shooting 48% from the field and 36% from three. The first three games were about what many expected from the Knicks this year, but they have strung together a nice win streak thanks in large part to Porzingis doing crazy things like shooting the ball from the Hamptons.