Eastern Conference Standings Predictions: Non-playoff Teams

Let's break down the Eastern Conference, team by team, and analyze their playoff probabilities. Starting with the non-playoff teams.

Let's break down the Eastern Conference, team by team, and analyze their playoff probabilities. Starting with the non-playoff teams.

15. Chicago Bulls

Last Season: 41-41

Projected This Season: 25-57

The Chicago Bulls will end up at the tail-end of the Eastern Conference this year for two reasons. First, Jimmy Butler is gone to Minnesota to join the younger, and more promising, Timberwolves. Next, reports have surfaced stating Dwyane Wade wants a buyout this season from the Bulls. It is clear the Bulls are trying to rebuild, and targeting a #1 pick in the 2018 NBA Draft.

14. Atlanta Hawks

Last Season: 43-39

Projected This Season: 26-56

The Atlanta Hawks have not missed the playoffs for 10 consecutive seasons, ending as the fifth seed in the East last season. However, the Hawks traded Dwight Howard and made other moves that didn't help the franchise at all. What they ended up with was not satisfactory, Miles Plumlee and Marco Belinelli.

13. Brooklyn Nets

Last Season: 20-62

Projected This Season: 27-55

The Brooklyn Nets, the reigning worst team in the Eastern Conference, will look to improve this season for two major reasons. The first is simple. The Nets added D'Angelo Russell, Allen Crabbe, and DeMarre Carroll, which will definitely help them improve a small amount. The second is that there is no reason for the Nets to tank this season. They don't have their pick, and guess who does? The Boston Celtics.

12. Orlando Magic

Last Season: 29-53

Projected This Season: 29-53

The Orlando Magic have become extremely irrelevant as of late, falling to the 13th seed in the East last year. Expect a very similar record this season, with the Magic moving up one seed to become the #12 seed in the Eastern Conference.

11. Indiana Pacers

Last Season: 42-40

Projected This Season: 30-50

The Indiana Pacers lost Paul George this offseason. PG13 was the focal point of the entire Pacers team, and now he's gone. The Indiana Pacers will fall from the seventh seed in the East last year, down to the 11th seed, missing the playoffs by quite a bit. They could, perhaps, become the 10th seed, but I do not see them going much higher at all.

10. New York Knicks

Last Season: 31-51

Projected This Season: 31-51

The Knicks are a completely different team this season...if they trade Carmelo Anthony. As of right now, the Knicks haven't made many moves, and look for them to finish about the same way as they finished last season. However, this record gets a team two spots higher in the weaker Eastern Conference that we see this year.

T-8. Detroit Pistons

Last Season: 37-45

Projected This Season: 36-46

The Detroit Pistons will miss the playoffs by inches this season, losing in a tiebreaker for the eighth and final seed to make the playoffs. Another team which has fallen to meet expectations, the Pistons did sign Luke Kennard from the draft. Kennard looks to be a promising prospect, but will not have an immediate impact this season, as the Pistons finish with a similar record to last season.

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