Welcome to Hashtag Basketball

Welcome to Hashtag Basketball for the 2014-2015 NBA fantasy season! Our aim is to make your draft preparation, regular season and playoffs all that more enjoyable by providing you with free tools created by fantasy experts and advice that will help win your league.

Here’s an overview of what you can find on our website.

Player Analysis

player analysis

Want to quickly identify a player’s strengths and weaknesses? Visit the NBA Team Fantasy Analysis page and pick a team. We’ve ranked each player in the league (yes, all 392 of them!) and given them a score out of 20. The higher their score, the better their overall output is.

We’ve also made it easy to quickly identify their strengths and weaknesses. Green indicates they’re strong in the category, red indicates they’re weak in the category and grey means they’re average.

NBA Team Twitter Feeds

nba team twitter feeds

We’ve made the daunting task of trying to keep up with breaking news on Twitter all that much easier. The best part? You don’t even need a Twitter account! Simply go to the NBA Team Twitter Feeds page and pick a team. We’ve gone through Twitter and created 3 lists for each team, viewable all on the same page (have I mentioned how many players are in the league?). Never miss a breaking tweet by viewing player tweets, team tweets and beat reporter tweets for your selected team all on the same page.

NBA Schedule Grid

schedule grid

Knowing how many times a team plays each week can make all of the difference between Head-to-head wins and losses. Use our sortable Schedule Grid to perfectly time free agent signings, just click on the week you want to sort.

Multi-Player Comparison

player comparison

Can’t decide between which players to sign or just want to compare a player’s strengths and weaknesses? Compare up to 4 players with our multi-player comparison tool.

More to come

Here is what’s on its way over the next few weeks.

Trade Proposal Tool

Want an easy way to compare players for a trade proposal? Generate two groups of players, comparing their strengths and weaknesses and send it to another team as part of a trade proposal.

Weekly Waiver Wire Suggestions

We suggest 5 players worth adding to your line-up every Sunday based on their performance and schedule.

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