Week 16 Preview: 8th Feb - 21st Feb

Other than the All-Star Game, you need to be watching all the trade chatter during the week.

Week 16 Matchup Rankings

This weekly ranking is based on opponents’ points given up per possession based on pace.

5 Games 4 Games 3 Games
San Antonio
New Orleans
Golden State
Oklahoma City
LA Clippers
LA Lakers
New York

Other than the All-Star Game, you need to be watching all the trade chatter during the week. There is a very good chance than in the next week we will be looking at a hot trade that will change some fantasy fates.

Also, this is a great time to trade in fantasy basketball. Lots of top tier teams are looking to solidify their team by moving some guys that give them stats they don’t need. Guys at the bottom will be desperate for a trade to make their team better.

There are still a lot of games left in roto, and for H2H leagues, the playoffs are all that matter. I’ll say it again, every year we see some breakout candidates that appear out of nowhere due to a strange opportunity or a team going for the tank. Get trigger happy after the break.

Tank Team Candidates

Lakers - Randle
T-Wolves – LaVine, Dieng
Orlando – Gordon, Mario
Suns – Len, Booker

Guys who will spike after their All Star Rest, but probably aren’t that good and you should sell high:
Wade, Bob Covington, Melo, Teague, Dragic, Beal

What to Watch This Week


Lakers vs Indiana
How much more does Kobe have left in the tank, and how long will crazy Byron Scott keep his foot on the peddle? In a sane world, a tanking team would give the reigns over to the young kids, meaning Randle, Clackson, and Russell should see a nice bump in value. In a sane world, the Lakers would showcase Lou Williams to trade him. Byron Scott is not a sane person. In Indiana, rookie Myles Turner shows flashes, but other than his blocks, he will be a project worth owning. George Hill is on a hot streak, pick him up. Too Much Monta has been playing better in the Pacer’s system, but I would rather sell high than expect him to improve any more this year.


Washington vs New York
New coach alert. Whenever there is a new coach, rotation get messed with, opportunities come out of nowhere, and unhappy players start actually trying. It will be interesting to see if the Knicks still run Galloway at point during the next part of the season. Bradley Beal is back in Washington, I would sell hard and fast on that guy before he gets hurt again.


Atlanta vs Chicago
Once again dealing with tons of injuries, the Bulls are left running a scrub team. Gasol and Rose will be the only major scoring options, expect Kirk and Moore to get more playing time. Taj is a must own as well. Mike Dunleavy won’t play his way back into a fantasy value until it is far too late to use him in your league. In Atlanta, the rumors of moving either Schroder or Teague are swirling. The value there is own Schroder through the trade deadline if he is available in your league. Also, watch for Korver to put together a better second half after the All-Star break.


Pelicans vs OKC
Poor Anthony Davis, wasting away on a horrible team. Trades have been swirling around the Pelicans as well. Tyreke and Eric Gordon might be on the move, and that could hurt their value. Whoever is left will benefit. Ryan Anderson’s value might take a huge hit as well if he is moved to a team that will use him out of a bench role. Good time to sell high. Don’t get swindled back to Dion Waiters Island, he’s probably not worth much unless you have room at the bottom of your bench.

All-Star Break


Minnesota vs Memphis
In a sane world, a taking team would let the kids get experience. Things in MN are a little less crazy because you might die when you go outside if you aren’t properly bundled up. They do less crazy things than places with nice weather. I’M LOOKING AT YOU BYRON. With KG and the other bigs up north taking a back seat to let Towns do his thing, a nice bump in playing time for Dieng has made him incredibly valuable. Same with Zach LaVine. Expect this to continue after the All-Star break as well. In Memphis, Marc Gasol will be out for almost the rest of the season. Does this mean it’s the Jeff Green show? Do they move Conley? Memphis easily has the biggest disruption potential, which means tons of opportunity for fantasy players.


Golden State vs Clippers
Why would you not watch this game? I’m really doubting the Clippers make a trade, but a beat down by GSW might convince them to try something new. Blake would benefit the most from a trade if he stays or goes.

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