Week 13 Preview: 18th Jan - 24th Jan

Gobert is back for Utah and it looks like he will be able to play his way back into form.

Week 13 Matchup Rankings

This weekly ranking is based on opponents’ points given up per possession based on pace.

4 Games 3 Games 2 Games
Oklahoma City
New Orleans
New York
LA Clippers
LA Lakers
Golden State
San Antonio

What to Watch This Week


Utah vs Charlotte
Gobert is back for Utah and it looks like he will be able to play his way back into form. This does mean the decline of the short-lived Withey era. Hayward and Hood continue be viable, but Favors injury has lasted far longer than expected. He might be back this week, so this might be the last time to buy low on Favors. For Charlotte, Zeller has thrived in the absence of Al Jefferson and Kemba continues his career year, but the rest of the team has been up and down. Batum has been a bit injured and playing at a lower level than usual, a good buy low candidate.


Minnesota vs New Orleans
Other than Towns and Rubio, the T-Wolves haven’t really had any outstanding fantasy players. Dieng has once again seen enough minutes to be possibly viable in standard leagues and worth watching over this week. Without any trades, LaVine and Martin won’t be worth a roster spot. Wiggins, while talented in real life, won’t be a fantasy breakout until he starts shooting three’s. Eric Gordon is back producing great value, while Holiday is hit or miss even though he should be back to playing full minutes. Ry Anderson is a great hold as he might be traded in the near future.


Golden State vs Chicago
Sad news about Joakim Noah, but this opens up minutes for Taj Gibson who should be owned in all leagues. This also gives a boost to Bobby Portis, though without another significant injury Portis is deep league value only. Golden State is just doing Golden State things, but the return of Harrison Barnes has been surprisingly lack-luster. I would keep an eye on him as he might get a few more minutes but he has yet to return to his beginning of the season value. With the Warriors continuing to play so well, there is probably no need to give Harrison a bigger role.


Memphis vs Denver
Zach Randolph has had a nice few weeks and is worth getting on your team while the Grizzlies need him to produce. Speaking of guys they need to produce is Mario Chalmers playing incredibly well as a starter in place of the injured Mike Conley. As long as Mario is starting, continue to have him on your team in all leagues. You might only have a few more days to take your shot at buying low on Will Barton as the Nuggets need him to play big minutes. Be sure to watch Jokic and Darrell Arthur this week as they might fit into your team.


Milwaukee vs Houston
Take a flyer on Jabari Parker if he is still available in your league. His expanded role in Milwaukee should continue throughout the season. Also, the Greek Freak continues to improve his game and should improve his value for the rest of the season. Don’t be worried about Harden’s shooting, you didn’t draft him for the great field goal percentage. Jones and Capela are worth watching throughout the next few weeks as well.


Atlanta vs Phoenix
Teague has not turned his season around, and I’m not expecting him to. Don’t be afraid of getting him as cheap as possible. Phoenix is a huge mess, so keep an eye on their rotation throughout the week to see who will prevail. There is a huge chance of trades with this team, Teltovic, Tucker, Warren are all in play.

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