Standard League Streaming: 9th Mar - 15th Mar

Welcome to standard league streaming, a new weekly blog post (just in time for the playoffs) that lets you know of good streaming options for the week.

Welcome to standard league streaming, a new weekly blog post (just in time for the playoffs) that lets you know of good streaming options for the week.

First off, the Knicks play 5 games. If you’re in a playoff scramble, Bargnani (31% ownership), Galloway (22% ownership), and possibly Alexey Shved (2% ownership) or Aldrich (2% ownership) are worth consideration, and have played well in recent games. Bargnani has only had one bad game since his recent resurgence (19 points, 55% FG over his past 5 games), and it was in a total blowout to the Kings. I am surprised, but also cashing in on it in my league, while it lasts at least.

Dennis Schroder (10% ownership), good for mostly points and assists, has seen an increase in said points and assists, as well as minutes, over the past couple weeks, and the Hawks are cruising into the top spot on the East. He's not just a second-unit guy, and plays backcourt with Teague at times now. He plays 4 games this week, as well as Marcus Smart (40% ownership).

Smart has still been playing well despite the addition of Isiah Thomas, he offers more rounded stats, likely a few more rebounds, but less assists and points, and worse FG% and TO categories.

Isiah Canaan (29% ownership) is going back and forth with his new team, but the recent boost in assists the last few games bodes well. For now, he is mostly good for 3's and points, but he has the ability to facilitate the offense so don't write him off yet, there was a lot of fantasy pressure put on him after the trade deadline. Philly only plays 3 games this week, but he is still worth a look.

Jae Crowder (19% ownership) should put in hustle stats of points and rebounds for at least another 2 games while Bradley is out, and he has certainly made a case for minutes in his last few.

Jordan Clarkson (32% ownership) is having a really good run this last week or so. The absence of Nick Young helps, but Clarkson's numbers are much more solid than Swaggy's. He even gets you some decent rebounds for a guard, along with points and sporadic assist numbers.

If you’re really scrapping for big-man stats, Ed Davis (35% ownership) is a good look recently for rebounds, points, and some blocks. John Henson (34% ownership) is a block specialist, and there is an occasional name out there like Luis Scola (7% ownership) who can get you rebounds and sporadic points. Brandan Wright (17% ownership) should be worth some decent lines as long as Alex Len is still hurt.

Thomas Robinson (3% ownership), Henry Walker (2% ownership), and Alexey Shved (2% ownership) are all players that I'm still waiting for a few more solid games from. On that note, Will Barton (10% ownership) is almost there, but he's not a sure-bet to me just yet because of the new coaching. I would also like to see more than just points.

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