Standard League Streaming: 4th Apr - 10th Apr

Not only do the Pelicans have two B2B sets, but they play four games in a five day stretch, which could be helpful to leagues with fewer acquisitions allowed per week.

Week 23 Back-to-Back's

Wed/Thu: HOU
Thu/Fri: MIA, SAS, TOR
Fri/Sat: BOS, MEM
Sat/Sun: GSW

Week 23 Games Per Day

Tuesday: 11 games
Wednesday: 8 games
Thursday: 5 games
Friday: 10 games
Saturday: 6 games
Sunday: 9 games

3 games in 4 days

Tuesday - Friday: CHA, DET, LAC, LAL, MIA, NOR, SAS, TOR
Wednesday - Saturday: BOS, NOR
Thursday - Sunday: GSW, MIA, SAS, TOR

Luke Babbit 6% ownership

Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday

Not only do the Pelicans have two B2B sets, but they play four games in a five day stretch, which could be helpful to leagues with fewer acquisitions allowed per week. In his last two games Babbit has tallied 43 points with 5 threes. It wouldn't be wise to rely on him for much more, and his poor efficiency stats leave him as more of a points league pickup, but his usage has inflated the past two games and the Pelicans may just give him the opportunity as the first or second scoring option.

Tim Frazier 12% ownership

Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday

Frazier has scored in double-digits in all but one of the ten games he has played for New Orleans, and he has played notably from out the gate. He is fairly efficient for such a late-season asset to the Pelicans, shooting just about 50% with 5.2 assists. Though he does average 2.7 turnovers.

Seth Curry 10% ownership

Tuesday Thursday Saturday

The lesser Curry has made some noise recently for the dysfunctional Kings, filling in injury absences from both guard spots. Given the nature of the King's season, there's no guarantee Belinelli or even Rondo play many more games. In his last six games he had one dud where he only played 17 minutes – barring that game he has boasted averages of 17 points, 2.6 assists, 2.4 rebounds, 1.2 steals and 3 threes in the remaining five while shooting 54% from the floor.

Shane Larkin 10% ownership

Wednesday Friday Sunday

He's going to be one of the best guys off the wire for assists and steals, averaging 6.6 assists and 2.2 steals in his last five games. The points production is simply unreliable, he's not doing your FG% any favors, and he also has 2.6 turnovers per game in those last five, but Donald Sloan is starting to see minutes in the low 20's and high teens, and eve n sat out Sunday from illness, so it should be Larkin the rest of the way out.

Thomas Robinson 10% ownership

Wednesday Friday Sunday

Robinson has always shown flashes here and there, but with Brook Lopez and Thad Young out for what remains of the season, Robinson should get the green light the rest of the way. His minutes have more than doubled in his last 4 games from 12.2 on the season to 27.3 minutes per game, with a double-double in each averaging 12.8 rebounds, 13.3 points and 1.8 steals while shooting 52% from the floor, and with the Nets throwing in the towel I expect more of the same. He doesn't really block a lot of shots and is sub-par from the line, so he is far from the full package, but he should be consistent with his strong points the rest of the way.

Norman Powell 10% ownership

Tuesday Thursday Friday Sunday

Powell made his most recent surge with Terrence Ross out, but Ross is as streaky as they come and the fact that other starters could be rested on a night to night basis means Powell could continue to see the extended run he has gotten used to in the past two weeks. He's played at least 25 minutes in each of his last six games, scored in double-double figures in each and hit 14 threes during that span shooting 53% from the field.

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